Turn Your Android Phone Into A Spy Camera

Do you want to spy on someone or see what your dog is doing when you are at work? How about secretly recording your friend to play a trick on them later?

Maybe you want to secure your home when you are away but don’t want to buy professional equipment?

Not such a long time ago these technologies seemed to be from the far future. The great news is that they are all now available and ready for use.

All we need is what we all have:  an Android phone equipped with a camera! In today’s special tutorial I will show you how to turn your Android phone into a spy camera. Let’s start!

Turn Your Android Phone into a Spy Camera with IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a free app (which you can download from Google Play) that lets you turn your Android phone into an advanced spycam offering multiple options and settings.

All you need to start using this app is broadband Internet connection (it will work best over Wi-Fi or mobile data connection using LTE) .

The main features of IP Webcam include:

  • Video streaming over Wi-Fi network or using Ivideo cloud broadcasting service (if you want to able to control your camera from any place in the world)
  • Possibility of viewing your camera on any platform equipped with VLC player or simply through a web browser
  • Lots of video preferences to choose from (where and how to record footage, video resolution, quality, image orientation, white balance and much more)
  • Lots of effects (night vision and overlay options)
  • Power management settings
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Audio mode
  • Possibility of disabling notifications
  • Streaming on device boot
  • Cheats

TIP: If you want to monitor your house, I suggest you make sure that  Enable motion detection, Record video and Enable sound detection are all enabled.

  • Adjust connection settings. You can either use local broadcasting or cloud streaming.
  • If you use local broadcasting, you will be able to broadcast video over your Wi-Fi network (so all the devices within the same network will be able to view it by going to (by default) 8080 port.
  • To do it, connect your Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network your desktop computer is connected to.

Click on Start server to launch broadcasting.

Next click on How do I connect? and then choose Connect directly.

Choose I am using Wi-Fi router.

Type the address in the address bar of your desktop computer (the one that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network) and you will be able to see what your Android phone is recording.

If you decide to use Cloud streaming, you will have to at first create a free account with Ivideon. This way you will be able to access your stream from any place in the world (all you will need is access to the Ivideon account).

You can create this account from your phone and it really takes just a few seconds (no confirmation email is required).

Once you create the account, click on Start Server and this time choose  Using Ivideon.

Log in to your Ivideon account in the browser to be able to view the stream.

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into a Spycam With Mobile Hidden Camera

Secret video streaming is one of the possible uses of your phone as a spy camera.What if you want to use your Android phone to secretly record someone or something without others realizing it?

You are not so much into streaming and monitoring, but recording something. Mobile Hidden Camera will certainly be the best choice.

Mobile Hidden Camera is a free app (you can download from Google Play) that takes spy recording to the highest level possible!

This app is a bit different that other spy camera apps. It guarantees you super safe stealth recording  thanks to many built-in protection features. To name just a few:

  • CUSTOMIZATION. You can customize the main screen of the app so that no one will ever think it’s a spycam app.
  • INVISIBILITY. You can make the main screen of the app blank or black so that the whole process of recording will be totally invisible.
  • SIMPLE NOTEPAD. On the app grid Mobile Hidden Camera is displayed as Simple notepad together with the icon of a notepad. No one will ever think it’s a spy camera.
  • PASSWORD FOR INVISIBILITY. You can hide the app so that it will act as if it was only a simple notepad until you type a special password in it.
  • SELF-DESTRUCTION. You can quickly and easily erase all the media files recorded with the app by simply typing your destruction password in the notepad.

Turning Your Android Device Into A Spycam With Mobile Hidden Camera (Step by Step)

Here is a step-by-step manual of how to start secretly recording or taking photos with Mobile Hidden Camera.

  • Download and install Mobile Hidden Camera on your Android device.
  • Open the app and familiarize yourself with the tutorial (which is displayed by default when opening the app) which you can also disable from the settings menu.

Adjust the app settings to your needs. Click on the three dots in the right upper corner (on on the icon in the lower part of the screen) and choose Settings.

Most of the advanced features are only available if you upgrade to PRO or PREMIUM edition. You can compare app editions and features available here.

Once you finished adjusting settings, you can see their summary by clicking on the three dots and choosing Summary (or clicking on the summary icon on the lower part of the screen).

To start secret recording, tap on either IMAGE (to capture photos) or VIDEO (to capture video).

Once you start secret shooting, the screen of your device will go blank and you will only see function buttons. You can stop recording by simply going back.  There are no sounds or notifications. When testing this app I “accidentally” recorded several videos without even realizing it.

  • Your media files will be by default saved to gallery.

Did you turn your Android phone into a spy camera? Did you like these two apps I recommended? Do you know any other spycam apps you want to recommend?

Feel free to post me your comments and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

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