Sony Smartwatch 3 Battery Life

Are you thinking about buying yourself a Sony Smartwatch 3? Do you want to know if it’s a good choice when it comes to battery life?

It was also one of the most important aspects for me when buying my watch as I am a rather active user and need good battery life. In this short tutorial you will learn what Sony Smartwatch 3 battery life is and how to improve it.

If you are interested in buying Sony Smartwach 3, this is the watch I bought.

How Much Battery Life Is Sony's 420mAh

It’s without doubt that Sony tried to do their best and put 420mAh battery which is the biggest battery capacity on an Android Wear watch.

What we might expect of that is at least what Sony promises, that is, two days. But how is it really?

Sony Smartwatch 3 Battery Life

Unfortunately, the battery life of my Sony Smartwatch 3 is a bit disappointing. When I bought it and was using it intensively for the first days, I was astonished at how quickly it was draining.

With the screen on, the battery percentages were going down like crazy. Fortunately, on a daily basis and with normal use, it’s not that bad. Here are my stats:

2-3 Days

Your Sony Smartwatch 3 may actually last for as long as its manufacturer promises but only if you abandon it almost entirely and it’s not paired with your phone (only acts as a stand-alone watch with features like Wi-Fi turned off).

1 Day

If you use your watch “normally”, you can expect it to last one day at a maximum. What I mean by normal use is that it’s paired with your phone all the time and you use to it read notifications and manage apps (but not all of them).

12 Hours Or Less

If you plan to use your watch for running, you can expect its battery life to drain like crazy and forget about it lasting the whole day. In my case, after a one-hour ran the battery went down by more than 40%, which is unthinkable in the case of a dedicated running watch.

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5-6 Hours Or Less

Your watch will literally be discharging on your own eyes if you use it very intensively. If you have GPS (and Wi-Fi enabled) and, for example, watch YouTube videos on your watch, it will last only a few hours.

Here is also an interesting article about battery life of Sony Smartwatch 3.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Charging Time

Even though the above stats may be a bit disappointing (especially if you are an active user), the charging time of Sony Smartwatch 3 is what compensates for them.

You watch will charge extremely quickly. It will take about 30 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%, so it’s not much of a deal to charge it even two times a day.

What’s more, you can charge your watch with any standard micro USB cable. You can use the charger from your Android phone or simply plug your watch to your laptop. That’s certainly a great advantage.

Saving Battery Life of Sony Smartwatch 3

Even though Sony Smartwach 3 doesn’t offer any battery saving mode,  there is a couple of things you might do to improve its battery life.

You adjust all of the below features by simply going to settings in your watch. Here is what they are:

  • Turn Wi-Fi off if you are not using it. Turning Wi-Fi off helped my battery a lot.
  • Turn GPS off if you are not using it. If you have your watch paired with your phone, you might only use GPS built in your phone.
  • Make screen turn off after some time of inactivity.
  • Uninstall the apps you don’t use. They can be real battery drainers!
  • Adjust screen brightness (make sure it’s not set to maximum).
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