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Use this sitemap to quickly navigate through all the articles and find what you are looking for. 

Using a sitemap makes it much easier for visitors to browse all the articles on the website and find exactly what they are looking for. InLoveWithAndroid.Com is structured like a tree with Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages.

Tier 1 page is the homepage. Tier 2 pages are the navigation headlines (you can see them in the menu on top) and they act as headlines in the below map. Tier 3 pages are the most specific pages which talk about one of the topic of tier 3 pages in greater detail. Tier 3 pages are listed below each headline. 

Here's a sitemap to make it even more easier for you to navigate through this website.  

Website Update Information

This Android website (click to learn more)  is now being updated and rebuilt so that you like it even more and it's even more helpful to you. This is a long process and I have really a lot of work to do (I need to rewrite and update more than 200 articles).

Some of the articles in the Android Wear section may not be updated and rebuilt yet. That's why I want you to be patient and come back here often to check what's new on the website's blog

Thanks for your patience. I am doing it for you! 

Android Wear Tips And Tricks

Android Tips And Tricks

How To Uninstall Apps On Android  UPDATED AND NEW
Android Phone Tips
Transfer Photos From Android To PC - NEW
How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android  - NEW
Android Battery Tips 
Android Space Saving Tips
How to Install Android Apps 
Android Apps for PC 
Android Security
How to Reboot And
roid Phone
How to Clear USB Storage
How To Use Android Tablet As Second Monitor
How To Clear Cache On Android
How To Change Default Apps In Android
How To Copy And Paste On Android
How To Turn Android Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot
Google Now Launcher: Battery Drain
Google Play Tips And Tricks
Android Marshmallow Guide
App Permissions In Android M
How To Keep Screen On While Charging 

Android Marshmallow Doze Mode
How To Enable Developer Options In Android
How To Turn An Android Phone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot
How To Make An Android Phone Faster
How To Navigate Between Activities On Android 
How To Enable Syncing On Android
How To Connect An Android Tablet To Mobile Network
How To Install Amazon Appstore On Android Tablet
How To Save Battery In Android Tablet
How To Update Apps On Android
How To Block Ads On Android
How To Transfer Pictures From Android To Computer
How To Remove Spy Apps From Android
How To Check Android Version
How To Disable Background Apps On Android
How To Turn Android Phone Into iPhone
How To Install Amazon Appstore APK On Android
How To Disable Apps On Android
How To Rename A File On Android
How To Find  A Phone With Android Device Manager
How To Secure An Android Device
How To Hide Photos On Android
How To Back Up Apps On Android
How To Lock Apps On Android
How To Forget A Wi-Fi Network
How To Enable USB Debugging On Android
MAC Address Of An Android Phone
Android FAQ

Reviews Of Devices/Device-Related 

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Review)
List of Android Waterproof Phones 
Review Of Garmin Forerunner 235 UPDATED AND NEW
Android In Honda Civic
Glove Mode In Sony Xperia Z
Always On Display In Samsung Galaxy S7
Why I Sold My Sony Xperia X5 Compact
Galaxy S7 Vs Xperia Z5 Compact
How To Take A Screenshot On Galaxy S7

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