How To Restore Factory Settings On Android Wear

A very quick tutorial where you will learn how to restore factory settings to your Android Wear watch.

Even though I consider myself an Android geek, it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out how to factory reset my Android Wear watch. It isn't as obvious as it is in the case of a regular Android phone.

Let me show you how to do it on the example of my Sony Smartwach 3.

How to reset your Android Wear watch to factory settings

You won't find the "factory reset" option in the settings of your watch so you had better not look for it. To factory reset your Android Wear watch, you need to:

  • Unlock your watch and swipe right.
  • Go to Settings.

Scroll down until you see Unpair with phone and click it.

Your watch will ask if you want to factory reset your watch. Confirm your choice.

Wait a few moments until your watch finishes the process. That's all.

Once you have factory reset your Android Wear watch, you can pair it with with a new phone. If you ever want to reset it again, you just have to repeat the above steps.

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