How To Remove "OK Google" On Android Wear

Want to turn off OK Google? No problem. Discover two quick tips on how to remove OK Google from Android Wear (in less than a minute)

Google Now together with its advanced voice features lets you interact with any Android device with your voice. All you need for this to work is the Google Now app installed on your device.

To begin the interaction and get your device ready for your commands (like send an SMS or call a friend) you need to say “OK, Google”.

The feature can really make your life much easier and let you complete tasks more quickly. However, there are times and situations when you don’t really need that feature or at lest the Google OK text to be displayed all the time.

This is very often the case with Android Wear watches which by default display “OK, Google” on the screen almost all the time. The screens of Android Wear watches are already small so there is no need to add extra useless text to them. Am I right?

In this short tutorial I will show you how to remove OK Google from  Android Wear in two easy ways.

How To Hide OK Google On Android Wear: Method 1

The easiest and the quickest way to remove “OK, Google” from your watch is to simply say “OK, Google” several times without giving your watch further commands.

This method is so simple and it works like a miracle. In the case of my Android Wear watch, it was enough to say “OK, Google” just once and this text disappeared from the screen of my phone.

Just take a look at the two screenshots (one before and one after saying the command):

All you need to do to hide OK Google on Android Wear is simply say “OK, Google” several times.

I restarted my Android Wear watch a few times times and the OK Google hasn’t come back yet so it seems to be a decent solution.

However, if this solution doesn’t satisfy you, you can move on to the next and more advanced one.

Here is the video for the above instructions:

How To Disable OK Google On Android Wear: Method 2

This is a little bit more advanced method which will disable both OK Google on Android Wear (not just hide it) but also any other voice features. Make use of it only if you don’t need any voice features on your device.

Here is what you need to do (on your Android Wear watch):

  • Go to Settings > Permissions.
This is a more advanced way to disable OK Google on Android Wear.
  • Now go to System Permissions > Android Wear > Microphone.
If you disable OK Google on Android Wear in this way you will also disable other voice features.
  • All you need to do now is disable Microphone. Your Android Wear watch will warn you that it means that other features may also stop to work. Click Deny to continue.
To completely disable OK Google on Android Wear, you need to at first remove the permission for Microphone.

Here is the video of the above instructions:

Doing the above will automatically turn off OK Google on your Android Wear watch and any other voice features.

These are the two ways to get rid of OK Google Android Wear I have come up with.

They both work and are extremely fast. How about you? Do you know any other method of how to disable this feature on Android Wear watches?

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. You can either leave a comment or contact me directly.

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