Review of Productivity Challenge Timer

My honest and to-the-point review of Productivity Challenge Timer, one of my favorite Android productivity apps I use on a daily basis at work and to learn more efficiently. 

If you are a goal-oriented person who wants to improve time-management skills and overall focus, Productivity Challenge Timer will be a really great choice.

Honestly, I haven't bought many apps on Google Play so far. I always preferred to use a free alternative of a given app. However, in the case of Productivity Challenge Timer I instantly knew that I would be going pro with this app, which I did very quickly.

Let me tell you a few things about this app and why I like it so much.

A few words about Productivity Challenge Timer

The idea behind this app is quite simple and it's to help you be more productive and simply do the work you are supposed to do (and to work harder as well).

You are supposed to work in uninterrupted sessions (which can last from 10 minutes up to 2 hours) on your projects.

The app will challenge you to work more, track your habits and let you earn or lose ranks based on your performance over time (I have earned 11 out of 18 achievements so far).

After using the app for some time, you will find lots of interesting stats in it, such as, your most productive days,  hours, weeks and so on.

All you need to do to start using the app is add your projects (and define how long you work on a given project during one session) and push "WORK" every time you start working.

The app will notify you once a work session is over and ask you if you want to take a 5-minute break or continue with the next session.

What I really love about this app are the stats I can get about my work habits.

Thanks to them, I really know what areas to improve and am aware of how hard I work.

Main features of Productivity Challenge Timer

As I said the idea behind the whole app is quite simple and the app only has the most useful and essential features like:

  • PROJECTS. Adding projects you work on. In the case of the free version the number of projects is  limited to 4.
  • STATS. A variety of stats allowing you to deeply analyze your work habits and trends. You can view stats for different time periods like last week, month day or all-time stats.
  • NO INTERRUPTIONS. You cannot pause a session, which is supposed to help you focus and work without interruptions.
  • 7-DAY WEEK. The app doesn't recognize holidays or weekends and the averages it calculates are based on full weeks, which I think is a good thing.
  • BACKUP. You can back up your data and restore it if you need.
  • SETTINGS. The app offers many different settings and adjustments like work session duration, short and long break duration, vibrate and sound notifications etc.
  • DECENT PRICE. The premium version costs about $3 and is really worth its price.

Download Productivity Challenge Timer

All you need to do is click INSTALL and the app will be installed on your device (make sure you are using the same Google account that is associated with your Android phone.

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