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Here you will find a few great online games for Android.

Android devices indeed take the pleasure and excitement of playing games to a higher level.

Not only can you play tons of various games available in the Google Play, but you can also enjoy playing online with other online players.

In this article you will find a short list of a few nice online games for Android. Let's begin! 

Online Games for Android.

A Word of Caution

Playing online games on your Android device uses a lot of data. If you are unsure about your mobile data plan, it's safer to play only when you are using WiFi (to avoid additional charges).

What's more, sometimes there may be some problems with the gameplay if you use mobile data only (which is usually much slower than WiFi).

UberStrike: The FPS

A multiplayer online game with almost 8 million users. That's a classic shooter. The game is totally free and offers many amazing features, such as, different levels, unlocking new champions (Ninja, gangster, zombie, vampire etc.) and guns, battles with thousands of players, clans, tournaments, prizes and many more.

The graphics are amazing in this game. I felt as if I was playing on my PC.

Its main features:

  • 3D
  • great graphics
  • horizontal navigation
  • free of ads
UberStrike: The FPS. Let's play!
UberStrike: The FPS. Let's shoot!


Fun Run

As the name suggests, this game is much fun. The sounds and the characters in the game are simply... funny. This is an online multiplayer game for users of tablets and phones.

You can play either with your friends or random players from all around the world. Your task is to finish the race before your furry friends!

Its main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • no ads during the gameplay
  • 2D
Fun Run. A fun game for Android.
Fun Run. Gameplay.


Zynga Poker

I guess that's one of best poker and card games for Android. The game played by millions of real players all over the world. The game's creators say you will experience Las Vegas casino VIP style playing.

The game has many useful features, such as, automatic finding tables, adding friends, giving other players gifts (a box of tissues, drinks). If you like playing poker, you will love  that game.

Its main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • 2D
  • many interesting features
Zynga Poker. Why not play poker online on your Android phone?
Zynga Poker. Why not play poker online on your Android phone?


BattleFriends at Sea

A really great social online game. It's available in a free and premium version. The sounds of the sea and seagulls just after starting the game are simply amazing.

Your task is to challenge your friends to a sea battle. You can start playing by either connecting to your Facebook account or by typing your e-mail address. You can play with your Facebook friends or find random players.

Its main features:

  • vertical navigation
  • 3D graphics and cinematic close-ups
  • ads will keep popping up after you install the game
BattleFriends at Sea.
BattleFriends at Sea. Gameplay.


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