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Here you will discover a few of the best offline travel apps for your Android device.

The number of apps for Android is so great that they can be used to enhance practically every aspect of our lives. Travel apps for Android are not an exception. They can help us organize the whole trip, book hotels and flights, discover places worth seeing and much more.

However, most of these apps need Internet connection to work but this is not always what we want when traveling abroad. That's why in this article I will show you 5 best offline travel apps for Android.

World Travel Guide

World Travel Guide is a must-have for all travelers. This brilliant app is the guide of the whole world. What's best about it is that it's free and can work offline. To use it offline, you must at first download the guide of the area of your interest.

Once you do this, you will have access to a variety of information about a given place. You will see local time, weather, currency and three sections, such as, Destinations (things worth seeing with descriptions), Travelpedia (with things like History, Music, Safety, Work, Food and Festivals) and Practicalities (i.e. practical things you should know about the place).

City Guides Catalog

This is another great offline travel app for Android. This time the focus is on major cities all over the world. If you want to use the app offline, you have to download the map of a given city.

Once you do this, you will have access to tons of useful information grouped into categories, such as, Food & Drink, Hotels, Attractions, Suggested Itineraries, Shopping, Nightlife, ATMs, Background Information and Ticket /Tours. You can also save your places and run your own trip journal.

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps is one of the best offline maps for Android available in the Google Play. The app contains maps of the whole world (to use them offline, you have at first download the app of a given area) and Wikipedia travel guides.

The main features of offline maps  include millions of POI, half a million of Wikipedia abstracts of attractions and sites, use of GPS to find your location and see what's interesting nearby and map search.  Wikipedia travel guides also offer tons of useful information, i.e. long articles with images and detailed descriptions of places of interest.

TouristEye - Travel Guide

This is another great Android travel app for everyone. This is not a purely informational guide. This app will help you plan your whole journey and suggest all you should know. TouristEye lets you collect places, destinations , activities and plan your trips within seconds (without missing anything important).

Thanks to this app, you will also discover must-live experiences in a given place (sunsets, secret gardens or local dishes).  Although it mostly works online, text, photos and maps work offline so you don't have to worry about roaming charges.  

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