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Offline Lyrics Apps for Android

In this article you will discover three great Android lyrics apps which also work offline.  Discover the best Android lyrics apps.

Would you like to have lyrics displayed as you listen to music on your Android phone or tablet?

I actually find it very useful when I just sit back and relax listening to music.

There are many lyrics apps for Android devices available in the Google Play but  unfortunately most of them require the Internet connection to work properly.

In this article, I will show you my top lyrics apps for Android (some of them work without the Internet ). 

Lyrics Finder Free

This is a very simple lyrics app for Android. It will automatically match lyrics and video clips for all songs you have on your device.

You need to be online to download the lyrics for the first time, but later you can browse them and listen to songs with lyrics offline.

The main features include songs database which is updated daily, customizable font sixe, playback control, lyrics browser for saved lyrics, advanced lyrics search and many others.

Offline Lyrics Apps for Android: Lyrics Finder Free
Offline Lyrics Apps for Android: Lyrics Finder Free

This is an Android lyrics app that works without the Internet. 

Top Android Lyrics Apps From Amazon Appstore (click to download song lyrics app)

Amazon Appstore for Android is the second biggest Android app marketplace. It also has a number of great Android lyrics apps. Here is what I can suggest:


This is probably one of the best Android lyrics apps. It has the largest collection of longs and lyrics. 

You can listen to a song and its lyrics will be simultaneously displayed. 

Lyrics Offline

This is a very simple lyrics finder for Android. All you need to do is type the title of the song whose lyrics you are looking for. 

The app has a huge collection of lyrics and it works without the Internet. 

TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music

This is a more advanced lyrics app for Android devices. It has a lot more features and functions  when compared to Lyrics Finder Free.

Apart from viewing lyrics when listening to music from your library, you can also discover new music thanks to TuneWiki community , design and share images with lyrics, translate lyrics into 40+ languages, share your own photos with lyrics or create and manage playlists.

Once you download lyrics for your songs, you can browse them offline any time you want.

MusiXmatch Music Lyrics Player

This is the most advanced music and lyrics app for Android. Not only does it give you access to more than 7 million lyrics (in 30 languages) but it can act as your main Android music player.

Once you install the app, it will read your phone's library and match lyrics (this process requires the Internet connection)to the songs. After that you can listen to your favorite music and read perfectly matched lyrics at the same time. This is in my opinion the best offline lyrics app for Android as well as one of the best Android music players.

Offline Lyrics Apps for Android: MusiXmatch Music Lyrics Player
Offline Lyrics Apps for Android: MusiXmatch Music Lyrics Player

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