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Discover the best apps for your Android device which work offline.

Every Android user knows that the number of Android apps available is really stunning (hundreds of millions) and is constantly growing. However, most of the apps for Android devices are online apps i.e. they require Internet connection to work properly.

This applies even to most of the games, not to mention map, navigation or, even, purely informative apps. 

That's why in this section you will discover some of the best offline apps for Android which will let you fully enjoy your device without any Internet connection. 

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Some of you, my dear visitors, suggested that I should create the section devoted to offline apps for Android tablets and phones. And guess what?

Mention it and get it. After doing some research, I created this section about offline Android apps  and the section  about offline games for Android.  I hope you like it and remember that I am always open to any suggestions! I love to hear from you.

What Offline Apps for Android interest you?

Below you can see the list of articles about different kinds of offline Android apps. If an article is not live (is not a link), it means it is still being created.

This is going to be a really extensive section so be patient because each day 1-3 new articles about offline apps will be added.  I am really doing my best to make this section (and the whole site) perfect.

If none or just a few of the above categories are active, just take a look at the short list of my favorite offline apps for Android below. I once thought I don't need them because I am always online. However, when I went abroad for a trip (last week) and I discovered how mistaken I was.

There was no WiFi anywhere and I couldn't  use Mobile Data abroad. As soon as I came back home, I said to myself "I need to make a list of the few best must-have offline apps for Android  I may need when I am offline again" and here it is. :)

English Dictionary - Offline

There are many great dictionaries for Android but, unfortunately, most of them require Internet connection. Not this one, though.  English Dictionary - Offline is an extensive dictionary application based on English Wikitionary.

Its database contains about 160000 words and about 68000 inflected forms. It works very fast and can also be installed on SD. As you can see from the screenshots below, its interface is very intuitive and pleasing to the eye. This is certainly a must-have for any English-speaking person.

Offline Apps for Android - English Dictionary - Offline
Offline Apps for Android - English Dictionary - Offline


Maps With Me Lite

This is probably one of the best and the fastest offline maps of the entire world. Once you download and install it, navigate to the specific city you want to have a detailed map of to download it.

The app is really simple to use. All you have to go is navigate to the place of interest and zoom in. The app contains maps of all countries and all cities (even the smallest islands) and is really fast.

Offline Apps for Android - Maps With Me Lite
Offline Apps for Android - Maps With Me Lite

Wikipedia Offline Free

As the name suggests, this is the app which allows you to download the whole Wikipedia into your Android phone or Android tablet and use it when you are offline. 

You can download for free top two million Wikipedia articles in English (which is about 50% of the whole database). This one is huge, though. You will need a total of 3.6 GB of free space on your device.

Offline Apps for Android - Wikipedia Offline Free
Offline Apps for Android - Wikipedia Offline Free

My Offline Bible

Would you like to always have access to the Bible? No problem. You can always have it at hand thanks to My Offline Bible, a brilliant bible app which is totally free and totally offline. Once you download and install it, you can use it even when your Android device is using Airplane Mode.

My Offline Bible is complete (it contains all books, chapters and versicles you will find in a paper bible) and contains some useful features, such as, TTS, Read Plan, Night Mode, Favorite List, highlighting versicles, sharing, advanced search options and many more.

Offline Apps for Android - My Offline Bible
Offline Apps for Android - My Offline Bible


My Chef Offline

Are you a good cook who wants to discover new recopies or just want to become one? Whatever your case,  you will find app My Chef Offline extremely useful and interesting. 

My Chef Offline is a brilliant free offline app for Android which offers you more than 7000 various recopies for each occasion.  What's more the app offers very intuitive navigation to help you find what you are looking for (you can sort recipes by cuisine, category or ingredient or browse favorites).  On the screenshots below, you can see the app.

Offline Apps for Android - My Chef Offline
Offline Apps for Android - My Chef Offline


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