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Moto G Factory Reset Not Working: A Working Fix

In this short tutorial you will find a possible working solution to the factory reset not working in Moto G. 

I have recently encountered a very weird problem with Moto G (running Android 6.0.1) which has been used for a couple of months. 

The phone was very slow and, obviously, there were lots of junk files on it as it wasn't very responsive. The best solution in such a situation is always to do backup of all the files and then do factory reset.

Unfortunately, in this case the factory reset button wasn't working. It was greyed out. I really had no idea why it was inactive but I had little time for fixing this phone so I had to look for a quick and working solution. 

Here is what I tried to do, what didn't work and what finally worked and let me restore the factory settings of Moto G. 

Moto G Factory Reset Failed: None Of My Three Fixes Worked

Below you can see the screenshot from my Moto G. This is how you would normally do factory reset.

The problem is that before the reset the RESET PHONE button had been greyed out and it was simply inactive. 

moto go factory reset greyed outMoto G Backup And Factory Reset (Settings)

Before I finally managed to restore factory settings to Moto G I tried a couple of things. None of them worked:

  1. I turned the phone off and on. 
  2. I restarted it by doing a hard reset (i.e. holding the power button for 8-10 seconds until the phone reboots).
  3. The next "natural" thing that came to my mind was to enter the Android bootloader and look for the factory reset option there. You can enter the bootloader mode by pressing simultaneously the power and volume down buttons for a couple of seconds with the phone turned off. 

I was quite surprised because none of the above methods worked. I was sure that entering the bootloader and checking factory reset there would fix the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't. 

The phone kept saying "no command" and turned on as usual. 

I was about to try to do the factory reset using the USB cable when a brilliant idea came to my mind. 

Moto G How To Do Factory Reset...Remotely & With Success

I totally forgot I might use Android Device Manager which is supposed to let us remotely access our Android device (especially if it's been stolen).

Here is what you need to do to do factory reset of Moto G using the Android Device Manager:

1. Make sure that your Moto G phone has a Google account correctly associated with it. You need to use your Gmail address for that. You can check whether you have Google account correctly added by trying to open the Play Store. If it opens and works, it means you have set your Google Account correctly.

2. The next thing you need to do is turn the Internet in your Moto G phone (it can be either Wi-Fi or mobile data).

3. Log in to the Android Device Manager using the above link. Of course, you have to log to the same Google account that is associated with your phone. 

4. Wait a few seconds until the Android Device Manager finds your device and connects with it.  You will see the screen like the one below:

moto go how to do factory resetOn this example you can see my other Android phone, not Moto G.

5. When your device is located, you can use one of the options: Ring, Lock and Erase

6. Once you click on Erase, your Moto G will actually be restored to factory settings. It WORKED! 

It took a couple of minutes before the whole process was complete but it was completed without any problems. Just after clicking Erase, Google sent me the confirmation e-mail that this device is about to be reset. 

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