Most Often Android Problems & Solutions

In this section I am showing you the most common Android problems and solutions.

Even though Android as an operating system is getting better and better,  everyone may sometimes experience some bigger or smaller problems with it. This is especially true for folks with older phones and older versions of Android.

Fortunately, you have an Android geek (me) who loves finding and troubleshooting these problems. You are lucky, aren't you? :)

If you are experiencing a particular problem with your Android device and want me to write about it, don't hesitate to contact me or let me know about the problem in the comment box. Some of the below articles may not be active links yet, because I am still building this section. 

Most Common Android Problems And Solutions

Below is the list of the most common Android problems and solutions. These are the problems which either I have encountered myself (over the six years of being an Android user) or my visitors suggested I should write about. I am open to extend this list if needed!

How To Fix An Android Phone From Water Damage

Did your Android phone go for a swim? Is it now misbehaving or did it stop working entirely? Whatever the case, getting your phone wet is a serious problem which will usually end the life of your phone. 

However, there are no rules without exceptions, so you may want to try the below simple solution to bring back life to your phone!

I know that if you are reading this, probably yo u have already got your phone wet. Anyway, in case you do it again (I hope you won't), remember to immediately turn the device off.

This way you can prevent the damage of electronics inside of it. Here is what you need to do to fix your phone from water damage:

  • Buy a bag of rice, but don't boil it. :P
  • If your phone is not of a unibody type, take its cover off and remove the battery.
  • Put the phone and its parts in the bag of rice and wait about 24 hours.
  • Check if your phone is alive again, i.e. if you want turn it on.

My Android Phone Won't Charge

This problem may seem a bit trivial and obvious, but this is the number one Android problem in terms of popularity! Keeping our phone alive and charged comes before anything else. If we cannot charge our phone, we won't be able to use it (as most Android phones last no longer than 24 hours).

In this article, we are exploring the possible reasons why an Android phone won't charge. You won't believe how often the reasons are so trivial that the problem can be fixed within seconds. Check these solutions out!

My Android Phone Won't Turn On

This is another extremely common Android problem about which I receive (really) tons of messages almost every day. Just like with the above problem with charging, there can be lots of different reasons in the case of an Android phone not turning on.

The funniest thing is that the solutions here are often also very simple and can solve the problem within seconds. In my article about why an Android phone won't turn on, I am showing you 5 most common reasons and possible solutions. Check them out before you look for someone to repair your phone.

My Android Phone Won't Download Apps

One of the biggest advantages of Android phones is the multiplicity of apps available for them (there are literally millions of Android apps in Google Play).

Every Android user downloads new apps or games almost every day. It may be really frustrating if your phone doesn't want to download apps for some reason.

In the case of this problem, there are three top solutions which in 90% of cases will let you get rid of them problem entirely. Give them a try!

My Android Phone Won't Update Apps

Keeping your Android phone and apps installed on it up to date is one of the most important security practices you should never neglect.

However, even if you set your phone to automatically check for app updates and install them, it may sometimes fail to do so.

In this article you will learn what to do if your Android phone doesn't want to update apps. The solution is usually just around the corner!

My Android Phone or Tablet Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

Getting your Android device online is probably one of the most obvious and basic things you want to do. That's why it may be a bit irritating if your Android device for some reason doesn't want to connect to Wi-Fi.

In this article, we will be exploring possible reasons why you might be having problems connecting your device to Wi-Fi. You will discover six most popular reasons, so there is a good chance that after reading this article, you will get rid of the problem. Am I right? :)

My Android Phone Won't Play Videos

If you have been using your Android device heavily (and especially for a longer period of time), it may sooner or later slow down (and some weird problems may appear). Fortunately, you have me and this website to troubleshoot any problems with your device.

Problems with playing videos (even though this functionality seems to be the most basic and obvious functionality of modern phones) can really get you a headache. However, there are at least a couple of things you can do to try to fix this! Let's do them!

Why Do Android Phones Get Hot?

Unfortunately, many Android phones (from my experience mostly HTC and Sony phones) like to get hot if you are using them intensively. Sometimes they can even be so hot that they will burn your skin. I am not kidding!

I had this problem with a few of my previous phones and I know how serious it may become. Every geek likes to dig a bit deeper and this is what we will be doing in this article! Digging deeper into the reasons why Android phones get hot and how to solve this problem without putting your phone into water.

Why Do Android Phones Get Slow?

Unfortunately, one of the most characteristic features of Android phones (especially a bit older ones with older versions of Android) is that after some time of use they like to slow down (a lot).

I personally haven't seen a phone which after about 6 months was as efficient and responsive as when it was a brand-new phone with the fresh installation of Android.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to speed up your phone before you decide to reset it to factory settings. Check these things out.

Why Do Android Phones Freeze?

Fortunately, fewer and fewer Android phones freeze nowadays (my Samsung Galaxy S7 hasn't frozen even once yet) but it still happens, so you should know why it happens and what to do if it happens.

In this article, you will discover four main reasons why your Android phone freezes and four possible solutions (the best ones). I bet that one of them will help you!

Do Android Phones Automatically Change Daylight Savings?

This is the question I have been asked several times, so I finally decided to create a short article about it. Whether your Android phone automatically changes daylight savings depends on the model of your phone, version of Android and how you set it up.

In this article you will discover how to set up your phone so that you will never have to worry about daylight savings again.

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