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In this section you will discover the best live wallpapers for Android.

Live wallpapers are a great enhancement to your phone. There are tons of them available for Android devices. Tons of good ones as well as crappy ones.

Here you will discover the best of the best Android live wallpapers. All tested by me. Enjoy!

What's your favorite live wallpaper for Android?

Osmos Live Wallpaper for Android

Osmos Live Wallpaper for Android. Highly customizable advanced wallpaper.

A high quality animated live wallpaper. It reacts to screen touches, tilting device and cardinal direction. Simple and stunning.

Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper

Mystic Walo Live Wallpaper. Nice live wallpaper for Android.

A high quality wallpaper different than any other live wallpaper. This is a free version of Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper which reacts to screen touches, contains multiple fade schemes, rotation schemes and special effects.

You can download this wallpaper here.

Moonlight Live Wallpaper

Moonlight Live Wallpaper. Another great live wallpaper for your Android device.

One of my favorites. Full moon night, twinkling starts, shooting stars, clouds, rain, storm, bats, wolves, fireflies, live weather and that's not all this wallpaper has to offer.

You can download this live wallpaper here.

Under the Sea Live Wallpaper for Android

Under the Sea Live Wallpaper for Android. My favorite!

My personal best! I love water and the sea so I absolutely love this wallpaper. It's great quality and so realistic. Calm and relaxing underwater ambiance. Free and free of ads!

You can download that wallpaper here.

Shadow Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Shadow Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Feel as if you were somewhere in the Universe. Watch distant galaxies. It's a high quality and highly impressive wallpaper. It doesn't seem to consume much battery.

You can download that wallpaper here.

Meadow Live Wallpaper

Meadow Live Wallpaper. Its sharp colors make it great!

I like its sharp colors and the way blades of grass move under rolling clouds. It seems to be battery consuming, though.

Underwater World Live Wallpaper 

Underwater World Live Wallpaper

There are many low quality underworld live wallpapers. This one certainly isn't one of them. Very good quality. Fish and other kinds of animals move quickly and swiftly.

You can download this wallpaper here.

Beach Live Wallpaper

Beach Live Wallpaper. Nice Android wallpaper but battery-consuming.

Nice wallpaper but it should be used with Android tablets because  it is quite big. A nice feature is  the possibility of leaving notes on the sand.

You can download this live wallpaper here.

Happy Tony Live Wallpaper

Happy Tony Live Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper from the series "Happy Tony and his friends." Watch Tony move and close his eyes. Fun!

You can download this Android live wallpaper here.

Galaxy Note 2 Feather

Galaxy Note 2 Feather

A beautiful wallpaper with feathers falling. Ad-free. Seems not to use much battery.

You can download this live wallpaper here.

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Please let me know  by either leaving a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site!

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