5 Best Sugar Free Diet & No Sugar Diet Apps On Google Play

Hello guys! Long time, no see. It's high time to get back to publishing reviews of apps and games. There is so much great stuff out there.

Today I want to show you 5 great sugar free diet and health apps you can download from Google Play. In each app description there is also a link to Google Play and screenshots from my phone (Google Pixel 3).

I hope you like the apps!

Healthy Eating Recipes

This is a very nice recipe app I liked instantly. It has a wide variety of recipes divided into different categories, such as, cheap and healthy, gluten-free snack, low GI dinner, gut-friendly, dairy-free breakfast and more. You can also browse recipes according to special dietary requirement like vegan, vegetarian, iron-rich or diabetes friendly.

Each recipe has very clear instructions, photos and contains important information, such as, the difficulty level, time needed, specific ingredient list and nutritional facts. You can also create shopping list based on the recipes and add recipes as favorite. 

For me the app is 5/5. 

Life Sugar Free

This is a very nice and one-of-the-kind app! At first I didn't know what to do with it because this app is very minimalist! If you're a minimalist, you're going to love it. 

Life Sugar Free is the app that lets you track if you eat sugar. Each day you mark as successful or failed. If you are successful several days in a row, you will grow a plant. This app if ideal if you want to embark on some sugar free challenge and the elements of gamification in it will let you stay motivated and on track.

If you are interested in a sugar free diet, you mush check this app out. And, by the way, I also recommend you check this website about a no sugar diet. 

For me this app is 4/5. 

Sugar Free Recipes For Free 

This is a very young and not very popular app but I still liked it a lot. It is also a minimalist app but I'm sure you will like it as well. Once you open the app you will see the list of sugar free recipes of different types, such as, desserts, cookies, salads, dinner and so on. 

Once you open a specific recipe, you will see the meal photo, the list of ingredients and very straightforward instructions. 

What's missing here for me are more photos (including in-the-process photos), nutritional facts of each meal. In some recipes even one photo was missing. Other than that I liked the app and I can recommend it. 

For me the app os 3/5.

7 Days Sugar Detox Diet

This app is also a niche app and hasn't become very popular yet. However, it's a great resource for anyone interested in a sugar free diet. It has a very nice and - at the same time - simplistic interface. The information is provides is divided into topics, such as, sugar detox, menu plan, dangers of sugar, lists of foods (forbidden and allowed) and a sugar free shopping list.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ads in this app, including apps that automatically play videos or cover the content you're reading, so it may be a bit irritating for some people. That's why if you want to get to know the list of, for example, foods to allowed on a sugar free diet, it's better to rely on authoritative websites like With No Sugar which has a very extensive list of no sugar diet foods and also provides you with an excellent no sugar diet shopping list (!).  

For me the app is 3/5 because it's still a useful resource.

Sugar Free Diets

Last but not least comes a very simple app about a sugar free diet. It's simply called Sugar Free Diets. This an informational app that gives you a lot of information about a sugar free diet and also has a few recipes. The information it contains is indeed valuable but the interface of the app leaves a lot to be desired. 

What's more the app is loaded with ads, including the ones that pop out without any notice to cover the text you're reading. In this case too, I would recommend using some trustworthy website or an app of a trustworthy sugar free website. 

For me it's 2/5. 

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What are your thoughts? Which apps do you like the most? Do you know any other interesting sugar free apps that you can recommend? Let me know! 

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