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How To Update Android Wear

Quick tips & tricks to show you how to update your Android Wear watch. 

You probably know by now (as I pay a lot of attention to it) that keeping your devices up to date is extremely important.

That’s why it should be a priority for you to update both your Android Wear watch and your phone.

In today’s short tutorial I will tell you how to update Android Wear in a few extremely simple steps.

Automatic Update Notification

If some update for your Android Wear is available, it will quickly prompt you to install it. The whole process is extremely simple. Here is all you need to do:

  • Make sure your Android Wear is connected to the Internet (either over Wi-Fi or paired with the phone connected to the Internet).
  • Mae sure its battery level is at least 80%.
  • Follow the instructions displayed (the watch will ask you for confirmation and will probably restart).

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the exact screenshots from my wearable prompting me to install updates. I promise, though, I will show you these screenshots once I have them (when my  watch receives some update).

Checking for Updates on Android Wear Manually

Your Android wear watch will check for updates and notify you of new updates in certain time intervals. You can always speed up the process a little bit and check for updates manually (and install them if they are available). Here is how you do it:

  • Swipe left on the screen of your Android Wear. Tap Settings.
How To Update Android Wear
  • Scroll down until you see About and click on it.
How To Update Android Wear
  • You will now get access to more detailed information about your watch like Model, Device name, Versions and so on. You might want to click on Versions to see what version of Android your watch is running.
How To Update Android Wear
  • To check if there are updates, scroll down until you see System updates and click on it. Your Android Wear device will notify you if there are updates available or not. As you can see in the case of my phone, no updates are available.
Android Wear update

Did you manage to successfully update your Android Wear? Did you have any problems? Feel free to contact me directly or leave me your comments in the comment box below.

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