How To Turn An Android Phone Into An iPhone

A simple guide of how to turn your Android phone into an iPhone without rooting or introducing any software modifications. 

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Many of you asked me (mostly in private messages) for tips on how to turn an Android phone into an iPhone. I have done some research and I am finally ready to create this simple tutorial where you learn all about how to make Android look and behave like iOS without rooting your phone (and thus voiding warranty).

This tutorial is mostly for beginner and intermediate Android users who what their Android phone to look like an iPhone but don’t want to switch to an iPhone entirely. Let’s begin!

Prepare To Turn Android Into iOS

Fortunately, Android which is an open source operating system, lets you introduce many modifications and adjustments to suit all your needs almost without any programming or troubleshooting knowledge on your side.

You can change or adjust almost anything you want either from the settings of your device or with the use of an app you can install from Google Play or other source (as you aren’t limited to just one store in Android).

One of such easy-to-implement modifications is making your Android phone look like an iPhone with the use of several simple apps (i.e. making the home screen and its icons look like those in an iPhone). Here is all you need to start:

You Android phone with Google Play (you need to set up a Google account to make Google Play work).

A stable Internet connection in your phone (you can either use mobile data or Wi-Fi).

Once you have your phone ready and connected to the Internet, you can start following the below steps.

Uninstall Or Disable Apps You Don't Use

Even though this point has nothing to do with turning your Android phone into an iPhone, this is something you should do at first.

In this tutorial we are going to install several different apps (including launcher apps which consume a lot of resources of your phone and may slow it down), so it’s important to prepare your phone at first. Here is what you need to do:

  • Browse the apps you have on your phone and decide which ones you don’t use. I suggest to uninstall these apps with the use of Easy Uninstaller.
  • If there are some built-in apps you don’t need, I suggest disabling them. In this tutorial you will learn how to disable apps on Android.

Once your phone has been optimized a bit, you can move on to installing apps that will make it look like an iPhone.

CM Theme foriPhone

I have read several tutorials on how to make an Android phone look line an iPhone and many of them recommend outdated or non-existent apps. I have checked what’s up in Google Play now and this app seems to be the best iPhone launcher available now.

I have never used an iPhone for longer than several hours so I cannot really say how much this launcher differs from how an actual iPhone looks like but for me the icons and all the other stuff looks like in an iPhone.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download & install CM Theme for iPhone 7.
  • When you open the launcher for the first time, you will be prompted to install CM Launcher 3D – Stylish Boost. This will give you access to additional themes and effects.
  • Make sure this launcher is set as the default home screen app or you will need to choose it every time you switch between windows. To check default apps in Android 6.0, go to Settings > Applications > Default applications and make sure that CM Launcher is set under Home screen.

I personally like this launcher app very much as it offers tons of different settings and customizations like 3D transition effects, 3D widgets. extra security and performance features.

Theme for iPhone Launcher Fake

Unfortunately, the number of really good iPhone launchers in Google Play is quite limited for my phone (running Android 6.0). This one is OK but I’d rather use it to make my friend believe that we indeed have iOS on our phone instead of using it as our standard launcher (there are many great alternative launchers). Below are your steps:

  • In the settings of the app, you can choose the change effect, background or install the lockscreen.

Lockscreen - iPhone Lock

The two above launchers will change how your home screen and app grid look. Another aspect very characteristic of an iPhone is its lock screen (with the slide-to-unlock feature). This app will let you have such a lockscreen and even adjust many of its settings like lock sound, vibration or passcode. This is how this app looks:

Best iPhone 6 Ringtones

Making your Android phone look like an iPhone is one thing. Making it sound like one is another. Thanks to app Best iPhone 6 Ringtones, you will get access to the best ringtones of the newest iPhone. With this app you can quickly browse all the ringtones and choose whether you want to set or delete any of them.

The only drawback of the app is that it has rather intrusive ads if you are using it when you are connected to the Internet

A Few Words Of Practical Advice

As you probably noticed there are lots of apps claiming to turn your Android phone into an iPhone. 

Many of these apps are obsolete and haven’t been updated in years. For example, I learned that Espier Launcher is one of the best apps for turning Android into iOS. I was looking for the app in Google Play but I couldn’t find it. I found it on Mobogenie but the “latest” version of the app hasn’t been updated for over a year. 

Some of them are even useful and work quite OK. However, my personal opinion is that if you like the looks of an iPhone more than of Android devices, you should simply buy yourself an iPhone.

Many of these “iPhone” apps are loaded with intrusive ads or recommendations of other apps that will only irritate you and slow your phone down. After installing all of the above apps to my phone (for the purposes of this tutorial as I am not a big fan of Apple) simply became loaded with thrashy apps, ads and notifications.

I am going to uninstall all of these apps right away as I always want Android on my phone to be as clean and fast as possible.

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