How To Remotely Control Android: How to Block Apps, Lock Phone, And Remotely Monitor Your Device Using a Single App

This is the guest post written by Maria Hedley who will tell you about a nice app that will let you remotely control your Android device.  

When it comes to Android, its experimental capabilities far supersede any other mobile OS. The apps that you get, plus the APK market opens up a whole lot new ways to get the most out of your Android device. I wasn’t always an Android enthusiast. In fact, I started loving Android after getting my hands onto HTC’s Sensational XL which was the first-of-its-kinds smartphone. But it’s only after I started using Nexus, I got the epiphany about the superiority of Android over others. 

But if you are a developer, you would also know that Android has loopholes, lots of them, in fact! There are many such developers who make the cash both on the capabilities and vulnerabilities of Android. One such category includes spying apps that can remotely monitor your Android device. This is both cool and dangerous as such apps have the ability to spy on Android-powered mobile devices. But if you are living in the U.S., don't worry as they are totally legal here.

One such app is Xnspy that can do a lot more than just locking and blocking the monitored device. The Android spy software has over 30 quirky features allowing you to turn into a private detective with just a download. But beware, xnspy is not a fun app, unless you want to experiment with this app on your personal cell phone, make sure you are taking a legal consent of the person whose cell Android phone/tablet you want to use xnspy on.

I won’t be putting up an exhaustive list of xnspy features, because, for that, you can simply check Rather, I will only highlight the mechanism involving this app and also some major features.

How To Remotely Control Android: Blocking Apps Using XNSPY

App blocking is an essential feature when you want your kids or employees to stay off limits for specific browsing, dating, adult, and gaming apps. There are sophisticated versions of employee and parental control monitoring apps available on the market these days who are charging premium prices just for app blocking. While you do pay some price for xnspy too, but app blocking is just one of the many other features that you get then. 

Once you have signed up for xnspy (see below for installation), you will be given access to your online dashboard from where you can block/unblock apps. This is how it looks like:

Apps you can block

You can block all third-party and stock apps. What’s even better is that you can do selective blocking: select the apps that you want to block and let others work without any intrusion. If you are going to use xnspy on your kids’ Android devices, you can prevent them from accessing Tinder,, DOWN and all other apps that aren’t right for their age. 

  • • Block stock apps
  • • Block third-party apps

Locking Phone using XNSPY

You can also remotely lock a phone with xnspy installed on it. The mechanism is very similar to how you block apps. Once you lock the phone using Xnspy Android spy software, it won't unlock, unless you do so, using your online dashboard. Remember that you will always need an internet connection to make this all happen. So if you have blocked a cell phone but lose the internet connection, you’ll have to wait until you get a working internet connection to unlock the phone.

This is how phone locking looks like on XNSPY Dashboard:

I am not revealing any further instructions as to how you can control your XNSPY dashboard because using xnspy is quite intuitive and you will get it to work without any trouble. 

Remote Monitoring with XNSPY

Remote device monitoring encapsulates a plethora of features and simply not just how to “Remotely Monitor’ an Android device. 

XNSPY monitoring features are what makes it both powerful and critical. Unless you want to use this app for the right reasons, it has the potential to exploit others. 

What include remote monitoring features?

XnSpy Android Spy Software can remotely access all the text messages, calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and literally everything else that exists on an Android device. With xnspy, you can remotely monitor:

1. Phonebook Entries

Xnspy can remotely access the entire phonebook stored on a cell phone, like the contact name and numbers.

2. Call logs 

You can view logs for all incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

3. Photos and Videos

You can view (and also download) photos and videos stored on the monitored Android phone or tablet. 

4. Location Details

An important feature on xnspy is how you can use it to access the real-time location details of the monitored user. While the app company claims that their location tracking service works in real time, it lags a little sometimes when the internet speed is slow. Every monitored location comes with a date, time and address stamp.

5. Internet Browsing History

You can view internet browsing history and bookmarks from Chrome and all other internet browsers installed on the monitored device. Be it your kids, employees or anyone else, you can know a lot about them by looking into their search history. 

6. Social media 

Social media monitoring is another important aspect if you have a teen child with a personal Android cell phone or tablet. Just recently, kids have gained the reputation of being obnoxiously insensitive to social networking. Kids don’t know exactly what to post or how to rightfully respond to someone else’s posts, photos, and messages. Because of this, kids aren’t just being abused online but are turning into bullies too. Social media monitoring is essential especially when kids have their own Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts. With xnspy, you can remotely view messages and multimedia shared and received by your kids on their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, Tinder apps.

7. Email monitoring

You can monitor all sent and received emails from accounts linked to the Gmail app on the monitored Android device.

Other Remote Monitoring Features

Record calls and surroundings

You can also record calls and phone surroundings at the press of a button on your XNSPY dashboard. With all aforementioned, you can actually estimate the amount of quirkiness that Xnspy is filled with, but at the same time, you learn how easy it is to play with an Android phone. 

Remotely Wipe Data

If you fear that your kids can lose their cell phone including their precious personal data, then XNSPY could double as Remote Data Wipe app. Once a device is lost, you can remotely wipe data off it. But obviously, this requires an active internet connection. If there’s no internet connection, xnspy will wipe data as soon as the device connects to the internet. 

Remote Screenshot

You can also remotely take a screenshot of the monitored device using the “Remote Control” tab on XNSPY Dashboard.

XNSPY Download and Installation 

If you are just as mesmerized as I was when I first heard of xnspy, the following will guide you through the download and installation process of xnspy.

Xnspy isn’t available on the Play Store because of its ‘sneaky’ abilities but you can find an APK version on its official website. 

Once you sign up for the service on the website, you are emailed the credentials and a download URL on your registered email address. Pretty much how you subscribe to any other service and download its app (if there’s any). The credentials will be required to sign into your XNSPY account/dashboard. There’s even an application on the Play Store “XNSPY Dashboard” that you sign into and manage your monitored devices on the go from anywhere without the need of a web browser. And you can literally do everything from within the app whatever the website lets you do. Xnspy needs to be loaded on the app that you want to monitor; that's how it relays phone logs to its user. 

To download XNSPY, you will need to use the download URL sent to you on your registered email and run it on the target device’s internet browser. 

The installation process is as simple as tapping ‘Next’ and checking boxes on the target phone’s screen. Once done, it's then waiting time. Depending on how much data needs to be uploaded, you will get your first backup from the phone and it could take anywhere between 12-24 hours. 

Who should use XNSPY?

XNSPY isn’t a free app, neither it’s a game. So not everyone is supposed to use it. The app has been specifically designed to serve a purpose: to help parents to protect their kids against online risks like bullying, sexual grooming, and explicit content, all of which is too common nowadays on the internet. Then, there are employers who want to watch over the smartphone activity of their team. 

Prerequisites of using XNSPY

As aforementioned, xnspy isn’t your pretty app. It’s a monitoring app that has the ability to get into a phone and scavenge on its logs. Since you are going to use it on someone’s phone, you have to be careful with the laws. 

If you aren’t taking the legal consent of the other person before using an Android spy software on their phone, you might end up with legal repercussions. However, if nearly every state allows for digital monitoring of minors without their consent so unless you want to use this app on your employees or partner’s phone, you don’t have a lot to worry.

Pricing Details

Xnspy is a paid service and if you are just new to Android spying, let me tell you that spy apps don’t come cheap. Usually, these apps could cost anywhere between $200-$350 for year’s subscription. 

Xnspy is cheaper than other similar apps. So if you ever want to try one, this isn’t a bad deal. It works smoothly and does what it says, i.e. to monitor Android devices remotely. A month’s subscription from xnspy will cost you around $8 which is pretty great for its features. There’s also a Premium version that costs you just as much as Netflix’s premium plan.

Is it worth your money?

The good thing about Android is that you can get everything for free if you want to. The third-party APK app stores make it easy for any Android user to get premium versions of apps without paying a dime. 

The point I am trying to make is that xnspy isn’t a free app so you have to know if it’s worth your money. To put it simply, it’s an Android spy software that you can use to literally spy on anyone’s phone. 

My take on Android spying software

I am fascinated hearing about Android spy software, I must say. But there’s a peculiar feeling whenever I write “Android spy software”. However, take note that all such apps are legal in the US because they are used for the purpose of child/employee monitoring. 

If you ever want to use these apps, don’t hesitate to take the consent of the person whose personal Android device you are going to monitor. Otherwise, I have already told you what kind of trouble you can get into.

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