How to Order an Essay from your Android Phone

So have you ever been in need to finish off a piece of school or college work while being away from your computer? This has happened numerous times to myself, as I’m doing a B.A. in music, performance and production I often find myself on the road doing various jobs onsite. It really varies and that’s the point as I find it difficult to plan. So I decided to write this blog as I feel there are many more people in my position that can benefit from this kind of services.

What I found out

Basically anyone whether you are a student or a business professional can really make use of ordering a complete piece of work. I heard about different essay writing services during my studies. Some of which claimed to do far more than they delivered, I personally have only used EssayPro but a few of my colleagues have described the mediocre work they received from other online services. I just want to point out from the start that I am a hard working student so do not condone cheating. I only use this service as I had no time to complete the pointless written assignments and essays from my professor and devote my time to practical music work. 

Step by Guide

So to start off on any android phone with internet connection, open the web browser (I prefer Google chrome) and select the address bar.

Next type into the address bar and you will be brought to their main page. Here is their price calculator to check an estimation for what you need doing. I like this personally so I can check a rough price and reserve an estimated figure out of my tight student budget.

Once you have entered in all your details of the assignment or piece of work you require, you instantly get a quote for it. Then all you need to do is click ‘continue’ at the bottom of the price calculator if you like the price. Bear in mind it could work out cheaper than the estimation it all depends on what is offered later on.

You are then directed to signup page. I personally prefer using the facebook login as it's so convenient from my phone and they do not collect any details about you. They guarantee complete anonymity. If you are a super paranoid person about anyone finding out there is an option where you just give an email address and password. A Google+ login option is also available too.

Once you have logged in, this will bring you to the main dashboard. Here you see your current orders and completed.

Browse to the ‘Place order’ tab at the top the page. Then enter in all the details of what you need and any extra materials the writer might need. It is very convenient as i have simply uploaded notes from class and sent them from my android phone.

Once you click ‘place order’ you will be given a details screen of your order and writers will already be invited to bid for your work. Within minutes I usually have about 5 writers wanting to work with me. It's that simple.

Look through all the writers in the ‘assign a writer’ tab that bid for the work, I like to chose someone with good reviews and offers me a good price. It’s usually a lot cheaper than the estimation on the main page especially if they have time to complete it.

Then pick the writer you want and click on the ‘actions’ button for the writer and select ‘accept bid’ You can communicate with the writer by email or with the online chat feature. They will let you know when it’s ready to download. All you have to do is check it over that it’s all good, and only then do you release payment to the writer for the job.

What is on offer?

I have been using this service for about a year now, and a few of my colleagues also get the odd essay too. So i think i know most of the benefits and what is available. The main services open to you seem to be:

     Proofreading and editing

     Custom essays

     Personal tutoring

I highly recommend this service as they are modern and have adapted to fill a niche market which I really like. I have had a few papers proofread and ordered quite a lot of essays so far, from which they all hit the spot. The best college essay result I had was from these guys. I haven't tried the personal tutoring yet. You can however select the same writer you have worked with before and build a rapport with them. This is great as they already know how you work and what you writing style is like. Another awesome benifit I have found is that if you order more than 5 pages you get a significant discount of about a third. My last writer also told me that the writers also get a bonus if you work with them again so everybody wins!

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