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How To Lock Apps On Android In Three Easy Ways

In this quick tutorial you will  learn how to lock Android apps so that no one will access your apps without your permission. 

Do you want to protect your privacy? Do you want to hide or lock some apps you use on your Android phone? No problem! 

In this quick and easy tutorial I will show you how to lock an Android app so that no one can access it without further authentication. 

There are at least a few different ways of how to put a lock on Android apps and here I will show you my top three. Let's begin! 

How To Lock Your Android Apps: Install An App Lock App

The first step you need to take to be able to put a lock on Android apps is install one of many popular Android lock apps.

I have tested many of them and can recommend you the following:

This is probably one of the most popular and powerful Android lock apps that will let you lock Android apps and offer a lot of other extra features like:

  • lock apps with fingerprint
  • lock apps with password
  • only lock certain Android apps
  • lock gallery
  • and much more
How to lock Android apps: use one of Android lock appsAppLock lets you lock apps with fingerprint and password as well as lock only certain apps.

When you open the app for the first time you will have to define a drawing pattern that will let you unlock the apps or features you locked and also access this app. 

That is another great Android lock app that will let you lock certain Android apps.

However, when you open it for the first time, you need to adjust accessibility settings (in Android 5.0 and higher). Note that it affects device encryption. 

How To Lock Android Apps: App Locker AppApp Locker is another great Android app lock app that lets you lock certain Android apps, lock them with password or fingerprint.

As you can see this app offers rather similar features like locking certain apps, possibility of setting a PIN or patterns, and locking Android apps with fingerprint. 

This app will also let you lock apps from being deleted (including the lock app).

Best Android Lock Apps From Amazon Appstore

If you are more into Amazon and its appstore, there are also a couple of good apps that will let you lock Android apps on your phone. Here are the ones I can recommend:

Click on the link to go to the Amazon Appstore for Android and download the app to your device.

How To Lock Android Apps With Password

Fortunately, both of the above apps (AppLock and App Locker) let you lock apps with password.

AppLock by default lets you protect your Android apps with pattern. However, you can easily change that into password if you want. To do that:

  • Open the app and switch to PROTECT tab. Click on Unlock Settings
How to lock Android apps with passwordThis is how to lock Android apps with password.
  • Now click on Password to define it and lock your Android apps with password instead of pattern.

Congratulations! That's all. You know now how to lock your Android apps with password. 

Note that it's more secure to lock apps with password instead of pattern. Patterns sometime happen to STAY on the screen (if we have wet hands). PIN numbers or passwords are way more secure. 

How To Lock Android Apps With Fingerprint

Unfortunately, Android by default does not give you the possibility to lock apps with fingerprint.

The good news is that if your phone has a fingerprint reader, you can use the above AppLock app to lock certain apps with fingerprint. To do that:

  • Go to the PROTECT tab and make sure that Fingerprint Lock is enabled. 
How to lock Android apps with fingerprintUse the toggle to lock your Android apps with fingerprint.

From now on you will be able to unlock a locked app either with password (if you set it up) or your fingerprint. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful. If it was, please share it.

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