How to Keep Screen on While Charging Android Phone

Unless  you want to charge your Android device super quickly each time, you may be interested in a bit hidden feature present in developer options of your Android device. This feature lets you keep the screen of your device on while charging.

It may be very useful if you often charge your phone and want to be able to quickly check if there are any new notifications without unlocking the screen. In this tutorial I will show you where this feature is and how to enable it.

Enable Developer Options

This feature is hidden a bit from a regular user, so you won’t be able to turn it on if you don’t enable developer options in your device at first.

In my previous more detailed tutorial of how to enable developer options in Android you will learn how to enable these options on the example of four different Android phone.

To cut a long story short, to enable developer options you need to do the following:

  • Go to Settings > About phone and look for Build number.
  • Once you find Build number, tap on it seven times until you see the notification saying that you are now a developer.
  • Once you activate developer options, you will see them in settings of your device.

How to Keep Screen on While Charging

Yes, you are right. Your next step is to open developer options and look for this feature. All you need to do is swipe down until you see item called Stay awake and make sure it’s activated (either ticked or turned on).

Here is how it looks in different phone models:






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