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This is your mini-guide of how to install Android apps and Android games.

Due it is open-source nature, Android gives you tons of possibilities of using it, i.e. downloading, installing or even developing new apps.

In this article, we will deal with the main three ways in which you can install new apps and games to your Android device.

Ready? Fantastic!

Simply Open Google Play on Your Android Device and Install Apps Directly From There.

This is by far the easiest way. To be able to do that, you have to have either mobile data or WiFi turned on (to avoid additional charges,  I suggest using only WiFi when downloading and installing new Android apps and games).  How exactly do you do this?

  • Tap the Play Store icon (you can find it in the app drawer but you most certainly have it on your desktop too).

  • Search for an app manually by entering its name in the top search bar or use your phone's default  Play Store start screen to choose  one of the suggested apps. 

  • Tap on the app of your choice and choose Install and then Accept & download and the app will be downloaded and installed (you can see the progress in the notification bar). 

  • When the app is installed, you can open it from notification bar (one time) or from the main app drawer.
The default Google Play start screen where you can choose apps for Android to be installed.
Waiting for the app to be installed on your Android device.
Installing new app on your Android device.

In this short video you can see how to install apps from the Google Play.

Download & Install App Using Your Computer.

If you don't like browsing Google Play on your Android device (many people don't find it comfortable), you can look for apps using your computer and installing it from there. This is a great and yet absolutely wireless method. How do you do that?

  • You have to have an active Google account (the one you use with your device) and be logged to it.

  • Go to the Google Play site and look for an app by browsing different categories or simply typing a specific name.

  • Click on the Install button, choose your device and then click Install.
Installing a new app on your Android device via your computer.
  • You will get a notification saying that "this app will be downloaded to your device shortly" which in practice means that it will be downloaded as soon as your Android phone is connected to the Internet.
Choosing Android device on which a specific game or app will be installed.
The app has been sent to your Android phone.

Download App as File, Send It to Your Device & Install It.

I don't especially recommend using apps outside of Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android (you can download the installation file for Amazon Appstore for Android here). If you are an experienced used, you may want to do that. How do you do that?

  • Simply download the app of your choice to your computer
  • Connect your device to the computer via USB or using some apps such as AirDroid
  • Transfer the file to the designated folder
  • Go to your device and open the file

In most cases, in order to be able to locate the file and open it, you will need some free file manager (as your file after sending it to the device will not appear on desktop or in the app drawer). In this case, I recommend using File Manager (a simple and intuitive free app).

File Manager in the Google Play.
File Manager in action!

Where to Look For Apps for Android?

You have at least three great and totally secure sources of tons of apps.

You will find everything you need here without risking security of your device. These are your three best options:

  • This site where you have reviews and recommendations for hundreds of the best Android apps and Android games together with a direct link to them in the Google Store
  • Google Play

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