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On this page you will discover some of the best Android horror games of all time!

Love playing games on your Android device?

Do you know that Android horror games are the most addictive kind of games?

I simply love Zombies and all kinds of scary creatures from games and in this article I'll show you 5 best horror games you simply must play.

Ready? Fantastic!

Dead Trigger 2

This is the sequel to the amazing Dead Trigger game, a hit among Android games with more than 23 million downloads. Dead Trigger is a brilliant free 3D shooting game for Android. Your task is to fight against the plague of Zombies which attacked the Earth.

You are the only survivor in whose hands the future of the world lies. Stunning graphics, intuitive and addictive gameplay and tons of missions to complete have been taken to yet a higher level in Dead Trigger 2. This is in my opinion the best horror game for Android.

Horror Games for Android - Dead Trigger 2
Horror Games for Android - Dead Trigger 2

Into The Dead

This is yet another winner among horror games for Android. You are again the only and the last survivor who has to do everything to survive and stay alive. You must move as quick as you can and protect yourself from zombies in all possible ways.

The game's main features include: stunning graphics and great sounds, many different weapons to unlock, various missions, possibility of challenging your friends. Are you ready to go into the dead?

Horror Games for Android - Into The Dead
Horror Games for Android - Into The Dead

Dead City

This is yet another great free horror game for Android. This is also another horror game in which you are the last survivor in the world full of zombies. There has been a nuclear was and the whole humanity has been destroyed. You will either kill the zombies or they will kill you.

The game's graphics are not as stunning and advanced as in the case of Dead Trigger but the game is still worth playing. Its main features include racing action mode, possibility of firing in all directions (that's lots of fun), countless missions and over 40 weapons to choose from.

Horror Games for Android - Dead City
Horror Games for Android - Dead City

Twisted Lands: Insomniac Free

This is most of all a hidden-object type of game but you can also classify it as a great horror game. Twisted Lands is actually a series of both hidden-object and horror games for Android.

The game is set in a remote town but in each series you are teleported to a different (and scary) location. In Twisted Lands: Insomniac Free you find yourself in the sinister hospital and you will have to help Angel discover her true identity. Are you ready to do that?

Horror Games for Android - Twisted Lands: Insomniac Free
Horror Games for Android - Twisted Lands: Insomniac Free

Eyes: the Horror Game

Last but certainly not least. Eyes: the horror game is one of the best horror games for Android. This is the first person perspective game. The game has really stunning graphics and creepy sounds.

You'll certainly love playing it. Your task is to search an abandoned house and find and collect any valuable object. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because the whole building is haunted. Be careful!

Horror Games for Android - Eyes: the Horror Game
Horror Games for Android - Eyes: the Horror Game

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