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In this article you will discover some mobile apps for your health and learn what they are.

Even though the stereotype of a tech geek is either a couch potato or a scrawny café citizen, the truth is, there are many more who are healthy, and are pursuing activities that keep them in great shape.

And if they are mobile device users, then of course, their mobile devices should have at least some apps that can be used to help them keep in shape. Here are some healthy suggestions for the fitness geeks.

Running, Jogging, and Walking

The most common form of exercise is to use our feet to get somewhere, typically somewhere a good distance away that will leave you with a raised metabolic rate, perfect for burning odd unwanted calories. That’s where jogging, running or walking apps come in, using your mobile device’s sensors to figure out how fast you are moving and for how long, so it can calculate how many calories you’ve burned, and then keep all this data for future reference.

Some health apps for Android even use a game component, encouraging users to break their own records or keep a steady exercise routine. This works particularly well if you have a competitive streak, or if you have the gamer’s mindset.

Calorie Counting

Some apps are the fitness equivalent of a slumbook. By taking note of everything that you eat, versus all your activities across the day, it will be able to calculate roughly how many calories you are eating, and how many you are burning off with your activities. Many of these apps also require biometric data, so it can calculate general guidelines and figures for how many calories you should be burning.

This type of app is not complete in its own – it needs an exercise “diary” counterpart or something like the jogging app mentioned earlier, so you can put into action what the app is telling you.

Exercise Diary

Some Android health apps keep track of your fitness routines. Diet isn’t usually a part of these apps, so what it figures out first is how much you’re burning off with your exercises. Just like the jogging app, it can have game elements integrated, to encourage the person to keep on exercising. 

Some exercise tracking apps can also suggest balanced or custom-fit exercise routines to help the app user come up with a particular body type, or to just help the user balance out all the exercise he or she is doing.

Emergency services

While not necessarily one app in itself, fitness geeks should have emergency numbers on speed dial. This should include nearby hospitals, doctors and loved ones who have legal powers to take care of them. Some apps act as emergency buttons and callers for medical issues, functioning like dedicated VoIP lines. These would be useful for people who are trying to get fit, but have medical concerns to watch out for.

Heart Rate

Some health apps for Android access sensors that allow the mobile device to detect a person’s heart rate – though not one’s blood pressure. Still, knowing our own heart rate can give you an idea of how fit – or how out of shape – you are. If you have medical concerns, you should always check your heart rate in between exercise segments. If it’s too high, then you should consider resting for a longer period of time, or stopping for the day.

Body Temperature

Some apps can measure your body temperature, though this isn’t necessarily for fitness. However, many sicknesses start out with a low-grade fever, and this is important to know if you’re going to scale back or cancel your exercise or fitness routine for the day. An important part of exercising is knowing when to stop, so you don’t burn yourself out.

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