Glove Mode In Sony Xperia Z Series

An introduction and a short tutorial of the glove mode in Sony Xperia Z series

Are you a user of one of Sony Xperia Z smartphones? Or are you thinking about buying this phone?

I have the second Sony Xperia in a row (the first one was Z3 Compact and now I have Z5 Compact). I have had phones of different manufacturers (if not all of them) but Sony is one of those few who offers a very useful feature called the glove mode.

In today's short tutorial you will learn what the glove mode is and how to activate it in your Xperia.

What is the Glove Mode?

As the name suggests this is a special mode which allows for interaction with the touchscreen of your phone when wearing gloves.

Most of modern touchscreen phones simply won't react to touches with hands in gloves or to touches made with objects (except for special styluses).  That is because nowadays most of smatphones have capacitive touchscreen LCDs.

Older and lower end smartphones used to have resistive touchscreen LCDs which you could operate when wearing gloves. These screens, however, were of worse quality and were much less precise.

Capacitive touchscreens, in a nutshell, react to human touches only and are much more precise and accurate. Their greatest drawback has so far been that they can only be operated with bare hands.

Fortunately, Sony managed to solve that problem and offered outstanding screens in their devices which can, sort of, act both as capacitive and, when needed, as resistive screens.

Here you can learn more about the different types of screens in smartphones. 

How to Enable Glove Mode in Sony Xperia

Enabling the glove mode in your Sony Xperia is super easy. All you need to do:

  • Go to Settings > Display.
  • Make sure that the glove mode is turned on (it's off on the left and on on the right).
  • When it's on, you will be able to operate your Xperia when wearing gloves.

Keep in mind that it's not the best idea to keep the glove mode always on because your phone will be a bit too sensitive to your touches (that's at least my impression as I am operating my phone extremely quickly). I suggest enabling this mode only when it's winter and you indeed need to be wearing gloves.

Did you manage to successfully activate the glove mode? How is it working in your Sony?

Feel free to share your thoughts and leave me your comments.

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