Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S7

I couldn't really believe that Samsung solved the battery problem in its newest flagship phone until I saw it with my own eyes.

I used to have many different Samsung phones in the past (like Samsung Galaxy Note II, S4 or S4) and I remember that they all had very poor battery life and it was almost impossible to use them for more than one day without recharging. The first device which really met my battery needs was Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (and then Z5 Compact) which could last even for two or three days.

I have been an owner of Samsung Galaxy S7 exactly for a week now so I can now tell you the truth about its battery life.

Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with 3,000mAh battery with fast charging capability (both wired and wireless). What does that mean in practice?

If you are a frequent reader of MobileGuru.LOL, you probably noticed that I focus mainly on practical aspects of technology and its use in everyday life. That's why I didn't really create any artificial environment for testing the battery of my Samsung Galaxy S7 but observed it in the most natural circumstances possible.

If you are interested in the results of scientific-like tests, I suggest you read their results on According to their test, Samsung Galaxy S7 will offer you:

  • 80h on standby mode
  • 49h on standby mode with the Always On Display activated
  • 22:57h of talk time
  • 9:34h of web browsing
  • 14:50h of video playback

Here you can see how Samsung Galaxy S7 battery performs in comparison to other phones (it's neither the worst nor the best).

Results Of My Tests Of Battery Of Samsung Galaxy S7

I tested my Samsung Galaxy S7 battery in three most practical case scenarios: heavy use (with most of features on), very light use and fast charging.  Here is what I found.

Very heavy use

Just after buying my phone I started to use it very heavily. I was sure that I would have to recharge it the same evening but I didn't have to. Here is what I mean by very heavy use:

  • Most battery draining features turned on, i.e. mobile data, Wi-Fi, location.
  • Taking many photos (more than thirty).
  • Using Facebook and Messenger for about an hour.
  • Sending tens of SMS messages.
  • Making a few short phone calls.
  • Always On Display activated.
  • Listening to music for a few hours.
  • Pairing the phone with my car to listen to music over Bluetooth.

Result: about 24 hours

With all the above features, the phone lasted for a bit more than 24 hours, which is a great result. Below you can see its battery stats.

Battery life of Samsung Galaxy S7

Very light use

I have actually only started testing my Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life in very light use, so I will update the final standby time soon. Here is what I mean by very light use:

  • Turning mobile data on only for a few seconds to check e-mail or Messenger.
  • Turning off location and Wi-Fi.
  • Turning off Bluetooth.
  • Setting screen brightness to dim rather than very light.
  • Turning off Always On Display.
  • Making a few short calls a day and sending a few SMS messages.

Result: Soon to be updated

Fast charging in Samsung Galaxy S7

This is probably one of the best battery features of Samsung Galaxy S7. My previous phone Sony Xperia Z5 Compact also had fast charging but it wasn't near as fast as charging is in Samsung Galaxy S7.

Battery life of Samsung Galaxy S7

I run a small test and plugged in my phone at 22:01 and it had 47% of battery remaining.  At 22:11 (after 10 minutes), the battery was charged in 62%. That means that Samsung Galaxy S7 (with Wi-Fi and location turned on) will charge 14% in 10 minutes.  That’s a really good result.

Tips On How To Optimize Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Even though the Doze mode in Android Marshmallow is responsible for optimizing battery life (and does its job perfectly), there are still a few more things you can do to even further improve the life of your Android phone. Here are my findings (after a few years of using Android phones):

  • Try to avoid using custom launchers. I ran a battery test with my previous phone and found out that, for example, Google Now Launcher drains battery like hell.
  • If you use Android Marshmallow, customize app power saving by adding as many apps to power saving as possible.  Remember that it will put these apps into the "doze" when your device isn't being used so they won't send any notifications. You may want to exclude, for example, Facebook Messenger from power saving apps.

Turn off Always On Display. As great as this feature is it actually reduces the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S7 by almost 50%.

  • Turn off features you aren't using. That's probably one of the most obvious tips but it still neglected by so many people that I need to highlight it here. If you don't use Wi-Fi, there is no need for you to have it on and scanning available networks all the time.
  • Disable all the apps you don't use. There are certain built-in apps that cannot be uninstalled. However, you can easily disable almost all of them so that they won't consume battery of your device. Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and disable all the apps you don't use.

Control what drains your battery the most and either optimize or disable these apps. You can find this information in Settings > Battery and BATTERY USAGE.

These are my thoughts about battery life of my Samsung Galaxy S7. If you are also an owner of this phone, please share your thoughts. You can either contact me directly or use the comment box below.

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