Rocket VPN - Great Free VPN App For Android

Looking for an Android VPN app? Great! Check out my review of Rocket VPN, a great free VPN app for Android. 

If you are reading this article, you probably already know at least some of the benefits and advantages of using a VPN app on your smartphone. 

Not only does it greatly increase the security of your data, but you also get access to content that may be blocked in your country due to geographical restrictions. 

How many times did you want to play some game or view some website only to discover that this content is blocked in your country? 

This doesn't have to be your problem any more if you install and use a good VPN app. 

Today I want to show you one of the best VPN apps for Android: Rocket VPN. Let's start! 

What is a VPN app? A quick refresher. 

In case you aren't familiar with term VPN, this stands for virtual private network.

What it does in essence is let you have a secure Internet connection (thanks to using private networks in different remote locations). 

With VPN, it looks like you are surfing from a different location than you are physically at. 

For example, even though you are in Canada, you might appear as surfing from Europe and vice versa. Seems extremely useful, doesn't it?

Free VPN App for Android: Rocket VPN
Free VPN App for Android: Rocket VPN

Why do you need one on your Android phone? A few top reasons. 

There are really a lot of reasons why you might want to install and start using a VPN app on your Android phone. 

To name just a few, having a good VPN app on your device will:

  • greatly increase your privacy on the Internet and let you stay anonymous
  • let you encrypt your data so that your online activity isn't visible to everyone (especially the companies trying to track you)
  • greatly improve the security of your device (especially if you often use unknown or open Wi-Fi networks)
  • let you use streaming websites or games which have geographic restrictions (Amazon Prime or Netflix being the best examples)

I am sure that the above reasons convinced you into installing and using a VPN app on your Android phone.

Let me now should you the one on only Android VPN app I use: Rocket VPN.

Android VPN App: Rocket VPN
Android VPN App: Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN: VPN App For Android To Give You Internet Freedom

I took me some time to find the VPN app I have been looking for as I was quite demanding in this respect.

Rocket VPN finally seems to be the VPN app I needed. Let me tell you a bit more about this app. 

One of the best VPN apps For Android
One of the best VPN apps For Android

The main features of Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN brings all the essential VPN features to your Android phone for free. The main features of the app include:

  • This is a FREE app with more than one million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 in the Google Play. 
  • Rocket VPN will let you access blocked sites & apps (you choose one of the worldwide servers to use).
  • With the Rocket Browser you can securely and anonymously surf the web. 
  • Rocket VPN lets you create shortcuts to your favorite apps so that you can instantly use them through a VPN.
  • Rocket VPN lets you encrypt the data so that your personal information stays safe.
  • Rocket VPN lets you protect your identity by making your connection anonymous and forbidding other companies from tracking your location,  identity and web traffic.
Rocket VPN: best Android VPN app
Rocket VPN: best Android VPN app

Download, install & increase your security with Rocket VPN

Since Rocket VPN is a free app (but you have to upgrade if you want more than 250 MB of bandwidth), all you need to do is download and install it and you will be using one of the best free VPN apps for Android. 

Rocket VPN: VPN app for iOS
Rocket VPN: VPN app for iOS

If you are an iPhone user, you might want to download Rocket VPN from iTunes (click to download)

I also advise you to check Hexlock App for locking apps and your private photos. 

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