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Here you will discover a few of the best call blockers for your Android device.

Every Android device has an in-built feature of blocking certain callers in our phonebook.  But what if we are looking for more advanced options, such as, blocking SMS messages, private numbers, certain numbers and so forth? 

We can always use some free call blocker for Android as there is a great  number of them available in the Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android.

On this page, you will discover three best free call blockers for Android.

Ultimate Call Blocker Free

One of the best free call blockers for Android.  

Its main features:

  • very user friendly and easy to set up
  • designed to filter calls, SMS and MMS
  • runs in three modes, i.e.  end call (send to voice mail), silent (mute calls), pickup then hang up.
  • customizable filters (blocking private numbers, blocking numbers not in the phone book, blocking specific numbers, whitelist, blacklist)
  • password protection
  • highly customizable notification and logging

In the screenshots below, you can see how this app looks.

Free Call Blocker for Android: Ultimage Call Blocker Free
Ultimate Call Blocker Free

You can download this call blocker here.

SPC - Super Private Conversation

In my opinion, this is the best free call blocker for Android. Its functions are on par with those of paid call blockers:

Its main features:

  • blacklist which blocks calls and SMS
  • Private Conversation option which moves SMS  to a secure inbox
  • highly customizable filters
  • password protection
  • fake password (you can use fake password when required to input password)
  • highly customizable notification and logging
  • the app is invisible (you can even remove its shortcut from the menu) and you won't see any logs until you open the app
  • there are ads in the free version

Below you can see some screenshots of the app.

Free Call Blocker for Android: SPC. One of the best call blocker for Android.
SPC. Adding new number to the blacklist.

You can download this free call blocker here.

NQ Call Blocker

As they say "a must have on your New Year app list."

Its main features:

  • blacklist
  • block unwanted calls (reject calls, forward, auto-reply with sms)
  • block spam sms
  • contact and data backup!
  • privacy eraser (erasing the call history)
  • somehow limited functionality in the free version where you have to have the premium version to enable Private Space (something like a private inbox to which blocked sms messages would go)

Below you can see some screenshots from the app.

Free Call Blocker for Android: NQ Call Blocker. Another great call blocker for Android.
NQ Call Blocker from the inside.

You can download this call blocker for Android here.

I am sure that these three apps will do if you need to block or filter sms messages or calls. There are so many apps of this type that it seems there is no need to buy paid call blockers for Android. Out of these three, I highly recommend SPC.

Your Feedback Is Important!

Do you know these three apps? Have you ever used any of them? What are your experiences with them? Would you like me to add some other app to this list?

Please leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site. 

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