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Android Flashlight: The Best Android Flashlight Apps, Common Problems & Fixes

Looking for the best Android Flashlight app? Experiencing problems with your Android flashlight? Discover the best flashlight apps for Android, common problems with flashlight on Android & quick fixes. 

Every day thousands of cool Android apps let us make our lives easier and more fun.

Not only can we use our Android phone to learn or play games, but we can turn it in almost any tool we need.

Android flashlight is probably the best example of how useful and multi-function our phones can be. 

Most newer phones by default have the flashlight feature available in the quick settings menu. 

However, if you want a bit more features in your flashlight app, or you have an older Android phone, you need to look for some good Android flashlight app. 

Luckily, InLoveWithAndroid.com is here to help you and this is exactly what we are going to do!

In the first part of this article you will discover the best Android flashlight apps.

In the second part I will share with you possible fixes of the Android flashlight app problems and give you a few tips.

Android Flashlight: Best Android Flashlight Apps & Problems

Android Flashlight (Update)

Please note that this article was thoroughly updated (April, 2017) so that it presents only complete and up-to-date information on the subject you are interested in. 

Android Flashlight Available On Most Newer Phones

From Android 5.0 (click here to read how to check your version of Android), flashlight has become a standard feature in all the phones I have tested (Samsung, HTC, Moto, Alcatel, Huawei).

If you use Android 5.0 or higher, you can probably find the flashlight feature in the quick settings (swipe down the screen and look for the flashlight icon).

Here is how it looks on my Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android Nougat: 

Android Flashlight: turned on and offOn the left flashlight is turned on and on the right it's off.

The Best Android Flashlight Apps 

Below you will find the list of 5 best Android flashlight apps, together with their short descriptions, screenshots (straight from my own phone) and quick download links (to either Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Android). 

Do You Know How To Install Amazon Apps On Android?

The Amazon Appstore for Android is the second biggest app store out there (right after Google Play). Now only will you find there thousands of thousands of Android apps, but you will come across a lot of app discounts and deals. 

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Android Flashlight App #1: FlashFlashlight - LED Torch Light 

This app is my recent recovery. Not only is it one of the best flashlight apps for Android but it also has no ads which are usually very intrusive in the case of  this type of apps. 

Note that this is also an Android flashlight app that runs in the background. It will still shine even if you leave it (by clicking the home button).

The app is very popular on Google Play where it has an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5) and more than 200 thousand reviews. 

Android Flashlight App #1: FlashFlashlight - LED Torch Light

Main features of this flashlight app:

  • This is the best Android flashlight app without ads. 
  • It's 100% FREE.
  • Very simple to use. 
  • It works in the background.
  • 3 lighting modes (Always On, Flashing, SOS).
  • 2 light sources (camera LED, screen light).
  • Quick switch off by pressing the power button. 

Download Flashlight - LED Torch Light (Google Play)

Android Flashlight App #2: Super-Bright LED Flashlight

That is also a very good Android flashlight app that doesn't need permissions. Note that this is the most popular Android flashlight app. It's free but it has ads. If you don't want ads, then you have to turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off.

This flashlight app is also very popular on Google Play where it has an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5) and more than 8 million reviews. 

Android Flashlight App #2: Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Main features of this flashlight app:

  • This is the most popular flashlight app for Android. 
  • It's 100% FREE.
  • It has very nice graphics. 
  • It displays ads if you are connected to the Internet. 
  • 2 modes available (strobe and blinking).
  • Very convenient switch on/off. 

Download Super-Bright LED Flashlight from Google Play
Download Super-Bright LED Flashlight from Amazon Appstore or Android

Android Flashlight App #3: Flashlight

This is yet another very good and nice-looking flashlight app for Android. If you still haven't found your favorite, you should give this app a try. 

Except for the obvious flashlight function and different lighting modes, the app also offers the built-in compass and possibility of customizing screen colors. 

This is another very popular and well-liked app with an average rating of 4.6 stars on Google Play and more than 12 thousand reviews.

Android Flashlight App #3: Flashlight

Main features of this flashlight app:

  • It's 100% FREE.
  • It has very nice material design graphics. 
  • It displays ads (including intrusive popups) if you are connected to the Internet. 
  • 3 modes available (SOS, torch, blinking).
  • Additional features: Morse code, compass (together with map).
  • Possibility of adjusting the looks of the apps (colors) to your needs. 

Download Flashlight From Google Play

Android Flashlight App #4: Flashlight Galaxy

If you still want to discover even more flashlight apps for Android, Flashlight Galaxy is a very interesting app you will probably like. 

Apart from the standard features connected with lighting, the app also lets you adjust the scree color or works on the locked screen. 

This is one of the best-rated torch apps for Android with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 and more than 120 reviews on Google Play. 

Android Flashlight App #4: Flashlight Galaxy

Main features of this flashlight app:

  • It's 100% FREE but it displays ads. 
  • It has nice and quite characteristic looks. 
  • 2 light sources: camera LED and screen (or both at the same time). 
  • Different lighting modes: always ON, strobe, blinking, flashing (with adjustable frequency). 
  • 8 screen colors to choose from. 
  • Easy turn on/off. 

Download Flashlight Galaxy From Google Play
Download Flashlight Galaxy From Amazon Appstore 

Android Flashlight App #5: LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Last but certainly not least comes LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH. In comparison to the above flashlight apps for Android, this one is the most advanced one and offers really a lot of different features. 

What also makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is FREE and displays no ads. In practice it means that you will never be disturbed by any intrusive popup when using your phone as a torch. 

LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH is also a very popular app on Google Play with a very high average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. 

Android Flashlight App #5: LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Main features of this flashlight app:

  • It's 100% FREE.
  • The app does not display any ads. 
  • It has very nice modern looks. 
  • It displays battery level info. 
  • 2 sources of light available: camera LED and screen. 
  • Different lighting modes with adjustable frequencies: SOS, strobe. 
  • Quick and easy-to-use switch on/off. 
  • The app is very lightweight. 

Download LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH from Google Play
Download LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH from Amazon Appstore For Android 

Common Android Flashlight Problems & Possible Fixes

Based on literally hundreds of e-mails, messages and comments I have received from you, I compiled the list of the most often Android flashlight app problems.

The three top problems include: 

  • You have a few Android flashlight apps installed on your device but not all of them work. You turn them on but no light comes out of your device. 
  • One or more flashlight apps crash after installing (and keep on crashing) so there is not even a chance to check if they really work.
  • The flashlight app works but some of its features do not (e.g. the SOS mode). 

Android Flashlight App Problem (Update)

Please note that this article was thoroughly updated and rebuilt in April, 2017. The Android flashlight app problems are rare in modern Android phones where flashlight is a standard feature. 

However, if you have an older phone (running Android below 5.0), you might want to make use of the blow possible fixes. 

  • If you are experiencing any other problems with your Android phone, make sure to visit the section: Android Problems & Fixes 
Android Flashlight App Problem (Update)

Android Flashlight Problems: Possible Fixes

There may be at least a few reasons for problems with flashlight app on your Android phone. I tested about 10 different Android phones with this problem and these are the possible fixes I have come up with: 

Fix #1: Use The Built-In Flashlight (If Possible)

If your phone happens to have the flashlight feature present by default, I suggest using it instead of installing external flashlight apps.  

Almost all newer phones (with Android 5.0 and higher) have this feature in the quick settings and you can turn it on or off with a single tap. 

In the case of older phones, a custom flashlight app may interfere with the stock flashlight. 

Android flashlight not working: Fix 1

Fix #2: Update Your Android Phone 

Some flashlight apps will not work on older (or obsolete) Android versions (e.g. 1.5, 1.6, 2.0).

A flashlight app may not work properly because it's out of date. Here is what you need to do:

Android flashlight not working: Fix 2

Fix #3: Install A Different Flashlight App

Even though Android as an operating system is getting better and better, there are still sometimes some problems with apps o crashing or not working properly.

Here is what I suggest doing if you have problems with your flashlight app:

  • Use the built-in flashlight (if you have one).
  • Uninstall any custom Android flashlight apps from your device. 
  • Install just one flashlight app (preferably one from the above list). 
Android flashlight not working: Fix 3

Fix #4: Do Not Install Too Many Flashlight Apps At A Time

Do you really need multiple apps that actually do the same thing (e.g. activate the camera LED in your device)? 

Surely, you don't. That's why the best piece of advice here is similar:

Android flashlight not working: Fix 4

Fix #5: Restart Your Phone

I know that this fix may seem very trivial and too simple, but you won't believe how effective it can be.

If we use our phone a lot, it may slow down or become overloaded.  A simple restart can do miracles. 

All you need to do is:

Android flashlight not working: Fix 5

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