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How to Change Watch Faces on Android Wear

Android Wear watches have undoubtedly started the new era for watches. We, watch users, can do almost anything we want to customize the device on our wrist to suit our needs. All of our needs!

Not only can we pair our watch with our phone, install new apps to it, but we can also change the way it looks.

In the last tutorial I showed you some of the best watch faces and today I will show beginner users  how to change watch faces and install new ones in three simple ways. Ready to start?

How to Change Watch Faces in Android Wear Watches

Changing watch faces in your Android Wear watch is extremely simple. You can do it basically in two ways and here is what they are.

Change the Watch Face from your Watch

The easiest and the quickest way to simply switch to a different watch face is by simply doing it with the use of your watch. To change the watch face, simply long hold the current watch face and wait (one or two seconds) until your watch vibrates.

How to Change Watch Faces on Android Wear

The current watch face will be zoomed out and you will be able to swipe left and right to browse the  watch faces present on your device. To switch to a different one, simply tap on it.  That’s it.

Change the Watch Face Using the Android Wear App

Once you buy your new watch and want to pair it for the first time with your phone, you are prompted to install the Android Wear app. This is the most important app that lets you control and customize your watch. You can also use it to change the watch face, of course!

All you need to do is open the app (and make sure that your watch is paired with your phone) and click MORE next to watch faces.

How to Change Watch Faces on Android Wear

You will now be able to browse all the installed watch faces. To choose a new one, simply tap on it and take a look at your wrist. It’s changed, hasn’t it?

Change the Watch Face Using an External App

In the previous article about the best Android Wear watch faces I also showed you some great stand-alone apps with collections of different watch faces. In the case of most of these apps, you can apply a new watch simply from the app (but of course your watch has to be paired with phone). All you need to do is follow the instructions given in the app.

For example, in app Time Store, you need to click on the watch of your choice and then on the red watch icon.

How to Change Watch Faces on Android Wear

The app will notify you that the watch face has been successfully sent to your Android Wear device. Did you manage to successfully change the watch face of your Android Wear watch? Which watch face did you choose?

Feel free to post me your comments in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you!

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