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Car Games for Android

Here you will discover some of the best car games you can play on your Android device.

Some years ago racing would only be fun on your PC equipped with the best graphics card available.

Racing on a mobile phone was either impossible or was a horror!  Together with the appearance of smartphones (especially Android devices), car games were taken on a higher level.

Here you will discover a few of the best car games for Android. If you have a phone with a larger screen (above 4.0) or an Android table, this will be indeed a unique experience. Let's start our race!

Beach Buggy Blitz

This is an outstanding car game for Android. Here you drive your buggy on a mysterious tropical island. The views are stunning. The graphics are amazing. You can play that game just for the views it offers!

It's very realistic, e.g. when you fall into water you will see drops of water on the screen. This is one the  best 3D games I've ever played.  The game is free and free of ads.

Car Games for Android. This is one of the best Android games. Ready, set, go!

Thunder City Car Racing

If you are a fan of car games for Andoroid, you are certainly gonna love Thunder City Car Racing. This time you have a chance to race along the streets of a very realistic (and detailed) city. 

Have have got three huge tracks to unlock. You can race against your opponents to be the first or break records of a given track. Either way you are going to have tons of fun.

You control your car using the on-screen buttons for gas, brake, stick and use accelerometer to tilt. 

Thunder City Car Racing
Thunder City Car Racing

Death Rally

One of the few car games for Android which really stand out. Do you feel bored with regular racing games and want something more? If you do, Death Rally will be ideal for you. Not only will you have to race, but you will also have to shoot at your competition. 

There are many different weapons you can use to get rid of the opposition. The game is free and, fortunately, free of ads.

Car Games for Android. Death Rally. Another great Android game!
Get ready!

Zombie Highway

This one of the funniest car games for Android devices.   You are a driver somewhere in the desert and your task is to survive (i.e. drive) for as long as you can.

This is not so easy because zombies keep jumping at your car and there are many obstacles on the road. Will you manage to avoid them and shoot zombies off your car? 


Precision Driving

Another fascinating car game for Android. It's fun playing it because you really feel as if you were behind a steering wheel. This is a bit similar to Bus Parking 3D.

You have a  throttle, gearbox and steering wheel, which makes the game both realistic and challenging. The game is free and free of ads.


Car Games for Android. How precise are you in parking?
Precision Driving. A great car game for Android.

Bus Parking

If you don't like speeding and racing but you like cars and buses, this is the game for you. There are a few buses you can choose from. You steer your bus just like you steer your car in Precision Driving above. I didn't know that bus parking is so challenging.  

The game is free  but unfortunately once you install it, you will receive ads (annoying push ads including) whenever your phones uses WiFi or mobile data.

Car Games for Android. Bus Parking. A nice car game for Android.
Bus Parking. Select your bus.

Speed Night Racing HD

This is a very nice and challenging 3D car game for Android. The game is set in beautiful urban night setting. What's a bit unusual for a car game is that you drive in the portrait mode.

The game is highly addictive and real fun. It's free so, unfortunately, there are lots of ads in it (even popups). However, it's still worth mentioning and playing!


Speed Night Racing HD. A nice car game for Android.
Car Games for Android. Speed Night Racing HD. Gameplay.

Death Racing 2 Desert

If you want o play something lighter (which will not heat your device up like some of the above games), go for this one. This is a very nice and simple racing game for Android. Your task is to complete bounty missions and  collect coins which will let you buy a better car.

Car Games for Android. Death Racing 2 Desert.
Car Games for Android. Death Racing 2 Desert.

What Are Your Favorite Android Car Games?

Do you like these games? Have you ever played any of them? What car games do you like most? What car games should be added to this list?

This site would be useless without your feedback, so please tell me what you like.  You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or share your Android story here.

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