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Alternative text apps for Android to make your texting experience even more unique.

If you are feeling bored with your stock SMS app which usually has just basic functions and mediocre interface, you should certainly try one of alternative SMS apps available for Android. 

There are many alternative text apps, but unfortunately not all of them are great and high quality.

That's why in this article we review the three most reliable alternatives so that you will choose your best text app for Android and have even more fun typing.

Stock Text App in My Phone

On my previous Android phones I always used some alternative text app. However, when I updated the Android version in my HTC to Jelly Bean, I actually started to like the stock app which has been equipped with many new features and its interface has been greatly enhanced.

This is how my standard text app looks like.

This is how my stock text app looks!
There are basic features in the stock sms app.

I like it for its simplicity and reliability. It doesn't offer thousands of features I never use but offers some basic ones like Back up/Restore SMS, Block list  Secure box, Block box or Group message. 


This is  by many regarded as the best text app for Android ever. It has more than 10 000 000 downloads. And this is not without a reason. GO SMS Pro is a very advanced app with tons of features and options. What's best about it that it's free and free of ads. You can customize absolutely everything  in this app.

Its main features include:

  • in-built GO Chat (if your friend also has this app, you can text via GO Chat and significantly reduce bills)
  • Facebook chat support
  • private box  (which can be password protected)
  • batch modes
  • SMS backup and restore (possibility of sending it by mail)
  • security lock
  • blacklist
  • SMS schedule
  • popup with quick reply
  • GO Share service (sending files via 2G/3G/4G or WiFi)
  • doodle
  • handwriting
  • highly customizable (look, fonts, individual notification)
  • support of many languages
  • many themes available for it
  • gesture support
  • Emoji support
  • widgets
GO SMS Pro. Probably the best text app for Android.
GO SMS popup.

You can download this text app for Android here.

Handcent SMS

This is another great alternative text app for Android. Its functions and features are similar to those of GO SMS Pro. There are also more than 10 000 000 downloads of this app, so we cannot say this is not a quality and reliable SMS app for Android. Whether you like this or the previous one is simply a matter taste.

The main features of Handcent SMS include:

  • SMS/MMS support
  • SMS Popup notification
  • Backup Security (you can backup all settings, SMS and MMS messages to your Handcent Online account and restore them any time)
  • MMS+ allowing for sending  up to 10 files at 25 megabytes each
  • group messages
  • spellchecking
  • support for over 20 languages
  • highly customizable  (themes, colors, fonts etc.)
  • Privacy Box
  • font packs
  • Scheduled SMS/MMS
  • Contact Locator allowing for quickly locating friends using GPS
  • free
  • there are ads displayed
Handcent SMS. Converstaion.
Handcent SMS settings.

You can download this text app for Android here.

Chomp SMS

In my opinion, this is the third best text app for Android.  In comparison to the two previous ones, this app is a bit simpler or at least seems so. It has many more features than the stock text . It's again a matter of taste if you like and choose it.

Its main features include:

  • SMS/MMS support
  • emoji icons
  • security lock
  • backup
  • blacklists
  • popups
  • backup/restore
  • delayed sending
  • scheduled SMS
  • personalization options (e.g. notification icons, ringtones, fonts etc.)
Chomp SMS. Conversation view.
Chomp SMS popup!

You can download this app here.

So What's Your Best Text App for Android?

 I like GO SMS Pro and my stock text app best because I really like nice-looking apps and these two rock in this respect. But enough about what I like.

Now it's your turn. Tell me which text apps do you like most? Is it one of the apps I described? Do you know any other alternative text apps for Android? 

Share what you think by either leaving a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story.

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