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Here you will find the best education apps for your Android device.

Would you like to use your Android device as an all-in-one learning tool? Or maybe you want to use it simply to widen your horizons and learn new skills? The truth is that you're going to be amazed when you discover the unlimited educational potential of your tiny little Android device.

In this article, I will show you some  of the best education Android apps which will let you learn new skills, gain knowledge and simply use every minute of your life to your own benefit.

How to Draw - Easy Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw like a  professional? I've never been especially talented in this field but thanks to this app I've made a lot of progress. Some of my friends actually think I'm talented (while I am certainly NOT!).

This is one of the best education Android apps. It will simply teach you how to draw tens of different objects (animals, cartoon characters, cars, dragons, flowers and much more) on your device. Have you seen what I've drawn?

Best Education Android Apps. How to Draw.
Best Education Android Apps. How to Draw.

Funny Facts Free

Would you like to impress your friends with some funny facts? Would you like to use a brilliant quote to please your girlfriend or boyfriend? All of this (and much more) is possible now thanks to this brilliant app called Funny Facts.

The app contains more than 8000 funny facts divided into 12 different categories. Did you know, for example, that your dog's heart beats 40 times a minute faster than yours?

Best Education Android Apps. Funny Facts Free.

How to Make Origami

Would you like to master the ancient Japanese art of paper folding? This is possible thanks to a wonderful Android app called How to Make Origami. The app will introduce you into the world of origami creations.

You will learn how to make all of the most popular origami figures with simple and clear instructions (with 3D animation of the process of folding). All you need is a sheet of paper. Ready?

Best Education Android Apps. How to Make Origami.
Best Education Android Apps. How to Make Origami.

You can download this education app here.

Learn HTML - CSS - Javascript

Do you want to learn HTML and be able to create your own sites? It doesn't matter if you know nothing about it at  this point. That is the purpose of this app: to teach you everything from a scratch. In the app, there are 89 Chapters covering HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Each chapter thoroughly explains one issue and provides many useful examples. Once you read all of these chapters and practice your knowledge, you will indeed know what HTML is all about.

Best Education Android Apps. Learn HTML - Css- Javascript.
Best Education Android Apps. Learn HTML - Css- Javascript.

Kids Reading (Preschool)

Who said that you should use your Android device only do educate yourself? No one! You might as well educate your children thanks to many great  apps for children. Kids Reading is certainly one of the best education Android apps.

 The app is designed for kinds between 3-7years of age who already know the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. It will teach your children how to read simple three-letter words. Nice and colorful graphics will certainly make the whole process pleasant and enjoyable.

roid Apps. Learn HTML - Kids Reading
roid Apps. Learn HTML - Kids Reading

You can get this app for free here.

Learn Spanish with!

We don't need to attend expensive language courses any more because we have tens of great mobile language courses available for our Android devices. One of such courses. is learn Spanish with I learned Spanish for a couple of years but I somehow stopped because I didn't have enough time.

Recently, thanks to this brilliant app, I've taken up learning Spanish again and I'm making enormous progress. The app offers levels from A1 to B2 and has a very extensive  range of learning materials (videos, photos, audio recordings, exercises, tests and so on). What's best about it is that I can learn wherever and wherever I feel like learning.

roid Apps. Learn HTML - Learn Spanish with!
roid Apps. Learn HTML - Learn Spanish with!

You can download this app here.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Did you know that your Droid can aslo become your own professional trainer? All you need to do is download a free app called Noom Weight Loss Coach.

The app will help you lose weight and acquire healthy eating habits (you will also learn many interesting facts about food and nutrition). After you enter you basic details, the app will set up your detailed weight loss plan. All you need to do is follow it and you will indeed get into shape.

roid Apps. Learn HTML - Noom Weight Loss Coach
roid Apps. Learn HTML - Noom Weight Loss Coach
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