The Best Watch Faces for Android Wear

Enjoy the collection of the best watch faces for Android Wear devices.

Are you a proud owner of an Android Wear watch? Would you like to make the most of it? No problem!

One of the biggest advantages of smartwatches is the fact that you can do almost anything with them and customize them in any way you want. One of such things are watch faces.

If you are tired of how your watch looks, you can change it within seconds! In today’s article I will show you some of the best watch faces for your Android Wear watch. Turn your watch on and let’s start!

How to Change Watch Faces

Before I show you stand-alone apps with different watch faces, I want you to browse a big collection of watch faces that you have already in the Android Wear app you needed to install to pair your watch with your phone.

All you need to do to access extra watch faces is open the Android Wear pp and click on MORE next to Watch faces.  You will now be able to see all the watch faces that are available for your Android Wear device.

To change a watch face, simply click on it and take a look at your wrist. Brilliant, isn’t it? :D

In this section of the Android Wear app you will see any other watch faces you already installed (for example with the use of some external apps described below in this tutorial).

If you ever want to change the look of your watch, I recommend doing it either from the Android Wear app or directly from your watch. All you need to do is long-hold the current face and when it zooms out swipe left or right to switch to a new watch face.

In the short movie below, you can see me change the looks of my watch:

Watch Faces – Time Store

This is a very nice app that gives you access to a lot of different (both paid and free) watch faces. All you need to do is install the app on your Android phone,  choose the watch face you like the most and click on the watch icon to send it to your watch.

Once you click on the watch icon, you see the notification saying that the watch face has been sent successfully to your device.  From now on you will be able to enjoy your new watch face.

Below you can see other example watch faces from this app.

ustwo Watch Faces

This is yet another bold and fun collection of the best Android Wear watch faces out there! All you need to do is install this app from Google Play on your phone (and it will be installed to your watch). You won’t see the app anywhere on your phone, new watch faces will simply be added to your existing collection.

You can access new watch faces by either going to the Android Wear app or swiping left and right on your watch (like I showed you in the above movie).  Below you can see some of the watch faces from this app.

Watch Master – Watch Face

This is a very nice app that offers a really huge collection of watch faces for Android Wear.

You can choose from both free and paid faces which are nicely divided into different thematic categories (such as, analog, animation, classic and so on).

The app is installed both on your phone and your watch so you can easily change the watch face through your phone.

To install a new watch face, click on the current face on your watch and choose Watch master. Your watch will now ask you to choose the face from your phone.

Click on Preview and then Apply.  Below you can see a few example watch faces from the app.

Weather Watch Face

If you are a weather person who wants to have current weather (or forecast) displayed together with time, Weather Watch Face will be a good choice for you.

The app offers quite a big number of watch faces and  various settings. However, their number is limited in the free version.  Unfortunately, the app will show some crazy results if you don’t have location turned on.

Countdown – Watch Face

This is yet another very stylish watch face for Android Wear. As the name suggests, the app lets you set an event until which you want to count down time. I must say it’s a great idea.

If you don’t want to set any event, you can use this watch face simply to show you the current time. It will work just fine. Countdown – Watch Face offers quite a lot of customizations and in the pro version even more watch faces.

To start using the app, you need to install it on your phone and you will be able to access it via the Android Wear app.

Retro LCD Wear Watchface

Do you miss your first watch you got where you were still a teen? I remember that moment and I remember that watch very well. With Retro LCD Wear Watchface you have a chance to bring back your first watch to life.

All you need to do is install the app from Google Play and it will appear on the list of available Android Wear watch faces which you can change either from the Android Wear app or directly from your watch. See how cool it looks!

Chronos Time Master  Watch Face

This is a very nice and elegant watch face I would recommend to anyone. Together with the watch face, you also get access to different settings and customization. As in the case of most watches, there are premium and free features.

Elegance Watch Face

If you want your watch to have a bit elegant touch, you should certainly try Elegance Watch Face.  This app is completely free and offers you some basic settings like customizing background color (transparency and amount of RGB).

Because of its circular shape, the watch will look best in circular-shaped watches like Moto 360.

To be able to use the watch, just install it from Google Play and then adjust its settings via the Android Wear app.

Altimeter Watch Face

If you want an originally-looking and rather stylish watch face, I suggest you try Altimeter Watch Face. This is a totally free watch.

All you need to do is install it from Google Play to your Android phone and then set it either from your watch or via the Android Wear app.  This is how this watch face looks like:

Eagle Watch Face

This is yet another ready-made watch face that you can directly install to your Android Wear watch. Due to its circular shape it will look better on circular-shaped watches like Moto 360.

Just like with the watch face above, all you need to do is install it from Google Play and then choose it either from the watch or the Android Wear app. This is how this watch face looks on my Sony Smartwatch 3:

WatchMaker Watch Face

Last but certainly not least comes WatchMaker Watch Face, the app that offers many brilliant Android Wear watch faces and also lets you create your own.  

This is really a very nice app, but if you want to be able to use it to the fullest, you will need to buy the premium version.

To set a new watch face, install the app on your phone and choose a new watch face either from the Android Wear app or from the watch (as I showed you at the beginning of this tutorial).

There are so many watch faces out there that it’s becoming very hard to find the ones that will suit everyone’s needs. Nevertheless, this is the list of my favorite watch faces (and apps with collections of watch faces). If anything like comes up, I will surely update the list.

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