The Best Android Wear Photo Viewer

Let’s discover three top Android Wear photo viewer apps for your smartwatch.

Android Wear watches can do almost as many things as our smartphones. It’s not a problem for a smartwatch to make a call or send a text. Many watches even offer navigation services, maps and guidance.

Do you want to view your photos straight on your smartwatch? Why not turn your Android Wear watch into a photo gallery as well? No problem!

You can easily do that with the help of a few simple Android Wear image viewer apps. In this short tutorial I will show you which apps to choose and how to install them on your watch. Let’s start!

How to install apps on your Android Wear watch

Below you will find a quick refresher of how to install new apps on Android Wear.

  • Make sure that your Android Wear watch is paired with your Android phone. You need to install Android Wear app to pair your devices with each other.
  • In Android Wear app, tap on Browse apps and use the search bar to type the name of the app you are about to install. Alternatively, you can also install the app using the download links below because these apps need to be installed on your phone at first.
Best Android Wear Photo Viewer
  • Hit INSTALL and wait until the app finishes installing on your smartwatch.
  • IMPORTANT. This step is important, so do not neglect it. When apps finish installing on your phone, they won’t probably be visible on your watch immediately. What you need to do right now is resync apps. To do that:
  • Go to Settings in your Android Wear app (click on the settings icon in the top right corner as showed in the screenshot below) and click on your watch.
Best Android Wear Photo Viewer

You will see a couple of interesting watch settings here, by the way. Tap Resync apps. You will see the notification saying that apps are being synced.

View photos on Android wear

After successfully resyncing apps, all the newly installed apps will now appear on your watch and you will be able to explore them!

Here are two complete guides if you are interested:

Three top Android Wear photo gallery apps

Below are my three favorite Android Wear gallery apps.


This is a quite nice Android Wear photo gallery and an alternative gallery for your phone. The free version unfortunately contains ads, so you either accept them or pay for the premium version. Here is how the app looks on a phone:

Gallery for Android Wear

On a smartwatch the app is called MyRoll (I had some problems with finding it at first). Here is how it looks on Android Wear:

Android Wear Photo Viewer

Viewing photos with MyRoll is quite comfortable on Android Wear. You get the list of folders and when viewing a specific photo, you will see its number and the number of photos in the folder.

Photo Gallery For Android Wear

This is probably the most popular and the best Android Wear photo viewer in Google Play. The app is specifically aimed at Android Wear and doesn’t offer a separate gallery for your phone.

Unfortunately, the free version has some limitations, such as, restricted photo access and the lack of the possibility of sorting folders.

Here is how the app looks on a smartphone:

Gallery for Android Wear

As you can see you cannot really do much with it on your phone.

You will find this app on your watch under name Photos (this may also be a bit confusing). Here it is on my Android Wear watch:

Android Wear photo viewer

Anytime Gallery For Android

This is a bit different gallery for Android Wear. Anyway, Gallery for Wear simply lets you transfer photos from your phone to your watch (to its storage). Note that the free version of the app lets you add 20 images to your watch. If you want to add more, you need to upgrade. Once you transfer the chosen photos, you will be able to view them on your watch.

Android Wear photo viewer

When you open the app on your Android phone, you will be able to view the storage of your phone and your watch.

On your watch the app is under name Anytime Gallery, so you won’t have any problems with finding it. Once you finish adding and synchronizing photos to your watch, you can view them.

Android Wear photo viewer

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