The Best Android Wear Apps

The list of the must-have Android Wear apps that will really let you make the most of your watch.

Even though Android Wear devices still constitute a small portion of all Android devices in use, their popularity is growing very quickly.

Not only do we have more and more watch models available almost every day, but also the number of Android Wear apps is increasing.

Our Android Wear watch comes with a bunch of built-in features and apps. However, if we want to make the most of  it, we must install some extra apps that will give our watches tons of extra features we never even thought of.

In today’s article you will discover some of the best Android Wear apps that are out there. Are you ready to start?

Installing New Apps to Your Watch

Depending on the type and model of your watch, some of the below apps may already be preinstalled on your device (or may not be compatible in the case of some older watches).

If you are not sure how to install new apps, you will learn how to do it in the article on installing new apps to Android Wear watches.

Remember that if you want the following apps to work, your watch needs to be paired with your Android phone (and your phone most often also needs to be connected to the Internet).

Once you finish installing a given app, you will see the notification that it's ready to be used on your watch and will appear on its app list.

That’s all for the intro. Let’s stat exploring apps now!

Store for Android Wear

If you are into getting to know your watch better and discovering new apps, Store for Android Wear is a good place to start.  This is certainly one of the best Android Wear apps that you simply must have.

Store for Android Wear is your window for discovering other great wearable apps.

Google Play has the Android Wear section where you can browse apps designed only for you watch. But, to be honest, finding many interesting apps in this way is quite difficult, because once you start browsing apps they mix up with those only for Android phones.

In  Store for Android Wear you get access to more than two thousand Android Wear apps  (for Sony, Samsung, LG, Moto and HUAWEI watches) which you can filter in a variety of ways.

If you are in search of new apps for your wrist, start from this app.

Wear Audio Recorder

The possibility of quickly and easily recording what’s happening around us has become a standard feature for practically all smartphones and tablets.

However, it may not always be very comfortable to take your phone out each time you want to start recording (especially if you need to act quickly) something.  Fortunately, here comes Wear Audio Recorder to save the day.

The app is designed both for watches and phones (you can control it both from your watch and your phone).

Apart from offering what it’s been designed to do, the app also offers a bunch of extra features like sound quality customization, possibility of uploading files to cloud services, noise filtering, working in the background and many others.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube

Have you ever wondered how it would be to watch YouTube movies on the screen of your watch? You now have a chance to give it a try.

This may not be the most comfortable thing in the world (taking into account the size of the Android Wear watch screen) but... that’s still something worth having!

As the name suggests, the app lets you view and control apps directly on the screen of your watch, search other videos (with the use of a qwerty keyboard), view related videos, read video descriptions and much more.

The app is available in the free and premium version.

Calculator for Android Wear

Gone are the days when you used a real calculator to make some more complex math calculations. All you need now is to take your Android phone and ask it to solve any mathematical problem.

With this app, however, you can go even one step further and use your Android Wear watch as a calculator.  Calculator for Android Wear is a fully functioning app that you can use independently from your phone.

The app is compatible with all Android Wear devices.

Toggle Wear

Toggle Wear is certainly one of the must-have apps for Android Wear. As the name suggests, the app lets you control basic toggles from your watch with no need of taking your phone out.

The app lets you control the following features of your phone: Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, flashlight, rotation, vibration, volume, brightness, auto sync, battery and can even help you find your phone.

InstaWeather for Android Wear

Do you always watch weather forecast or your systems reacts to weather changes? Would you like to be always up to date with current weather conditions and know what to expect in the nearest future? If you do, then I have a great app for you, that is, InstaWeather for Android Wear.

You can finally stop watching weather forecast on TV or even on your Android phone because it’s finally been brought to your wrist. With InstaWeather for Android Wear, you get access to 24-hour weather forecast with tons of data and nine unique watch faces. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Watch Faces for Android Wear

Do you want to have access to many more watch faces than you have in the default collection? No problem! With Watch Faces for Android Wear you will get access to thousands of different and cool watch faces for your Android Wear.

What’s even more is that watch faces can be modified in any way you want and you can even create your own watch faces. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The app is available in the free and premium version which lets you download an unlimited number of watch  faces to your Android Wear watch. Watch Faces for Android Wear is compatible with most of the newer Android Wear watches.

Photo Gallery for Android Wear

Who doesn’t like browsing  photos? I guess no one! With Photo Gallery for Android Wear you get yet another extra way of viewing your photos. This time you can do it with the use of your watch and view your photos on its screen.

The app lets you easily control images on your phone and automatically picks images and folders from your phone. It offers you features like:

  • Browsing all your photos on the screen of your watch
  • Zooming in and zooming out
  • Possibility of deleting photos
  • Opening photos on the phone (from the watch)
  • Sharing photos

Task Manager for Android Wear

You probably use some task manager on your Android phone. Not only does it let you easily switch between different tasks, but you can also close all the unwanted apps (so that they don’t consume CPU resources and RAM unnecessarily) with one button.

This is exactly what you get with Task Manager for Android Wear with the difference that you can manage and close tasks on the screen on your Android Wear watch.

The app is compatible with most of Android Watches available now.

Wear Camera Remote

This is yet another winner among the best Android Wear apps there. With Wear Camera Remote, as the name suggests, you can remotely control and view your Android phone camera.

There are really literally thousands of possible ways of making use of this app. Not only can it help you take better photos (or selfies) but it can also help you monitor the place where you left your phone.

Apart from viewing the camera, you also get access to some extra features like: taking pictures, switching camera, controlling flash or self-timer.

Find my Phone

You will never know when you might want this app but one thing is certain: you will need it one day more than you think.  This is certainly one of the must-have apps for Android Wear and for people who like to lose stuff (or forget where they left things).

The app will let you find (or localize) your phone (if, of course, it’s within the range) by launching an alarm or visual signals. What’s best about this app is that it will work even if the phone is set to mute.

Wear Mini Launcher

I guess this is probably the best Android Wear app that absolutely anyone should have. Wear Mini Launcher is simply an alternative launcher for your watch, a very intuitive one (far more intuitive and easy to use than what you get by default).

The app comes together with three customizable watch faces, lets you quickly access your favorite apps or toggles. You don’t have to scroll through lists of apps on your watch to launch the app you need at the moment.

All you need to do is launch it quickly with the  help of Wear Mini Launcher.

Hand Dialer for Wear

Even though our Android Wear watches are supposed to act as a second extra display mainly for the notifications that come from our phone, I don't see the reason why we shouldn't give them some independence.

Thanks to this app you can easily dial any number you want without taking your phone out of your pocket. Of course, your phone will be the device making the call, so you should at first pair it with some Bluetooth headset that you have on you. This is without doubt one of the must-have Android Wear apps.

Mail for Android Wear & Gmail

Last but not least comes Mail for Android Wear  & Gmail. As the name suggests, the app lets you easily and quickly manage you e-mail box.

Not only can you view e-mails or search for them, but you can also view attachments and even compose e-mails. Have you ever thought that would be possible on a watch?

This is my list of the best apps for Android Wear. The list is by no means final or ultimate. I will keep updating it and adding new great Android Wear apps as I discover them.

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