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Here you will discover a few of the best Android games of different genres and see my personal favorites!

If my lists of Android games and free Android games weren't enough, this is yet another extensive section for all fans of Android games. Everyone will find something for themselves here!

Don't waste your precious time looking for good quality games who knows where if there sites like You've got the best list of Android games in front of you.  Don't be satisfied by the mediocre. Go for the best! 

Lists of Best Android Games 

Are you a fan of a particular genre of games? Would you like to discover only the best games of a particular type? No problem! This is the list of the best games for Android according to their genre or specific features. The list is a bit short now (I've just started building it!) but now I add one new article every day (so remember to come back here often).

My Personal Favorites

Here is a list of examples of my favorite (and the best in my opinion) games for Android. Hope you have so much fun playing them as I do!

Rope Escape

A game different than others. You have to escape the savages chasing you through the jungle. You catapult yourself  and use a rope to swing through high trees... very often high into the sky.

You can also swing from rocks and use some powerups to swing even higher. Be careful and don't fall down because you will (literally) fall into pieces.

Main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • 2 D but still great
  • ads displayed during the gameplay and there are occasional popups
  • the game's real fun!
Top Android Games: Rope Escape for Android. Loading...
Top Android Games: Rope Escape. Will I make it?

Nun Attack

This is the kind of game I never expected to play. The evil is spreading and prayers aren't answered any longer. This is the battle of light against darkness.

Defeat the Fallen Nun and restore balance to the world. The game reminds me of Diablo. Certainly worth playing. Fun guaranteed.

Main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • toungue-in-cheeck dialogues during the gameplay!
  • one of the kind
Nun Attack for Android!

2 XL MX Offroad

Highly advanced and amazing game. I had so much fun playing that game. I guess that's one of the best racing games for Android. You race MX or ATVs.

There are many features and options to choose from, i.e. 16 unique tracks, career mode, hundreds of MX and ATCs, auto-gas and invisible controls feature, 1st and 3rd person camera, different levels of difficulty.

Main features:

  • stunning 3D graphics
  • horizontal navigation
  • no ads during the gameplay

See how I play this game:

2 XL MX Offroad. One of the greatest racing games for Android!
2 XL MX Offroad. Catch me if you can :)

Zynga Poker

I guess that's one of best poker and card games for Android. The game has many useful features, such as, finding tables, adding friends, giving other players gifts (a box of tissues, drinks). If you like playing poker, you will love  that game.

Main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • 2D
  • many interesting features
Playing Zynga Poker on Android device.
Zynga Poker!

Paradise Cove

I have been missing this kind of games. In this game, you build a colony on a beautiful exotic island. You explore the fog, battle pirates, command battleships, build and expand your town, build ships to be able to travel to distant lands.

Grow your village into a big and thriving city!

Main features:

  • horizontal navigation
  • the game's free and free of ads
  • nice graphics
Paradise Cove. Gameplay.
Paradise Cove. Bulding the house.

Subway Surfers

Want to feel like a naughty teenager running away? If you do, then play this game. You task is to run away from a grumpy inspector. You  run though the metro station.

In the game, there is no blood, no tears and absolutely no violence! :)

Main features:

  • vertical navigation
  • 3D
  • colorful and vivid HD graphics
  • no ads during the gameplay
Subway Surfers. A nice Android game.

Little Dragons

Another fun game. I came across it by a sheer accident but I don't regret that! :) In this game you raise your own dragons. What else can you do?

Evolve your dragons and see as they grow, expand to other different islands, crossbread dragons to have mystery dragons!

Main features:

  • Great graphics
  • Horizontal orientation
  • No ads during the gameplay
Little Dragons. Raise your own dragons on your Android device.
Let's hatch this dragon!

Do you like this game? You can discover even more Android Strategy Games here.

Sports Car Challenge

This is certainly one of the best 3D Android games.  Even if you don't particularly love racing or car games, you will most likely love this one and become totally addicted to it.

Main features:

  • absolutely amazing 3D graphics
  • authentic real-world tracks 
  • the hottest of the hottest sports cars (Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley etc.)
  • the game is quite heavyweight so it's better to download it via WiFi
  • game is free to play and free of ads

Below you can see some screenshots from the game.

Top Android Games: Sports Car Challenge
Top Android Games: Sports Car Challenge

You can download this top Android game here.

Radiant Defense

If you like playing Android Tower Defense Games,  you will love this one. This is a game completely different than any other games of this genre. It's set  in the radiant universe invaded by hordes of aliens. And your task is to get rid of these aliens. 

Main features of the game:

  • stunning graphics
  • great variety of weapons
  • nice in-game dialogs and sounds

Below you can see some screenshots from the game:

Top Android Games: Radiant Defense
Top Android Games: Radiant Defense

Your Feedback Is Important!

I have shared my best Android games with you. Now it's your turn!

What are your best Android games why? Do you think that something should be added to this list?

Leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site. The floor's yours.

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