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This is your place to discover the best Android apps of all  kinds as well as my favorites!

It is very easy to get lost in the great number of apps for Android. Unfortunately, there are many crappy apps out there which can only harm your device or put your data at risk.

As you probably know by now I'm a full time Android enthusiast who deals with Android apps and games on a daily basis.  On this page I'll share with you a unique list of the best apps of different categories and the list of my favorite Android apps I use every day. 

Don't waste your precious time looking for apps in unknown sources if you have one of the best sources on the web in front of you. :)

The Best Android Apps of Different Kinds

This is the list of articles dealing with the best apps of different kinds. The list is a bit short yet, but remember to come back here often because it's updated once in a few days and I add new articles all the time. 

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Some Apps for Android You Will Most Likely Love

This is the list of apps I absolutely love. If you don't know them yet, there is a good chance you find them very useful. Remember to come back here often because I update this list whenever some app PEARL appears.


Are you hungry for knowledge? Do you like discovering new things, facts and curiosities? If you do, this is the app ideal for you. 

HowStuffWorks is an extensive database with articles, podcasts, videos, shows on practically any subject. Colorful, intuitive and so interesting. A must-have on any Android device.

Best Android Apps: HowStuffWorks
Best Android Apps: HowStuffWorks
Best Android Apps: HowStuffWorks
Best Android Apps: HowStuffWorks

You can download this Android app here.


Are you tired of your stock gallery app? Do you want something reliable, quick and pleasing to the eye? If you do, you must have this app.

QuickPic is a great alternative for the default gallery app.  You can easily manage your photos and videos, view them, create new folders and many more.

Best Android Apps: QuickPic
Best Android Apps: QuickPic

Recipe Search

Are you looking for recipes to cook something really good?  If you are, then use this app. It's brilliant. Not only is it nice looking and intuitive, but also most helpful.

It contains a great number of recipes for practically any kind of dish together with detailed descriptions and photos.  Cooking a new dish has never been easier!

Recipe Search. One of the best food apps for Android.
Are you going to prepare that dish?
Which dish will you choose?

You can download this app in the Play Store here.

Trulia - Real Estate & Homes

An amazing app which shows real estate listings of homes for sale and rent. Real estate search has never been so easy! The app shows a map of nearby homes for sale and/or apartments for rent.

There are many various filters in the app to exactly match your criteria. Trulia provides exhaustive information, i.e. home facts,  a collection of vivid photos and many more. You will find the house of your dreams thanks to this app!

Trulia - Real Estate & Homes. One of the most useful apps for Android.
Trulia - Real Estate & Homes. Details of a specific offer.

You can download this app in the Play Store here.


We can say that this is a more advanced version of a notepad, a multi-function pad. It allows you to save and share the things important to you (e.g. movies to see, books to read and so forth) and organize them into notebooks.

The app contains many great in-build features, such as, storing things found on the web, clipping an article, snapping a photo, scanning a barcode etc. The app is free and free of ads!

Springpag. Main screen.
This is my notebook in Springpad.

avast! Mobile Security

This is a top rated Android antivirus and security application. This is an all-in-one app. Its main features include Antivirus, Privacy Report, Anti-Theft, Network Meter, Web Shield, SMS/Call filtering, Firewall and others. Highly recommended by many Android experts.

Many apps of this kind use much battery, but I didn't encounter that problem with this app. If you want to make sure your phone is safe, use avast! Mobile Security.

avast! Mobile Security for Android.
Scanning my Android device...

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to the stock Android keyboard, choose SwiftKey 3 Keyboard. This is a paid app but you can test it for a month if you don't know if you want to pay for it.

For me it's one of the best alternative keyboards. It is highly customizable and there are many pre-installed themes (a few of them shown on the pictures below).  

Best Android Apps: SwiftKey 3 Keyboard. A great alternative to your default Android keyboard.
SwiftKey 3 Keyboard. Many great looks.
SwiftKey Keyboard. One of top Android apps.

You can download this app in the Google Play here.

Sleep as Android

This is an alarm clock completely different than other apps of this kind. This is an alarm clock with a sleep cycle tracker. This app lets you track your sleep and wake up in an optimal sleep phase.

Its main features include sleep graph history, stats (sleep deficit and deep sleep), sharing, nature alarms (birds, storm, sea etc.), lullabies, CAPTCHA to wake up on time, recording sleep talk and snoring.  Have you ever had  a better alarm clock?

Sleep as Android. Good nite!
When do you want to get up?

You can download this app in the Google Play here.


That is yet another productivity app but this is my favorite one. It has great looks and is very intuitive and simple. When you are adding new tasks, the app will predict what you want to type.

Its main features include cloud sync, speech recognition, alerts, snoozing tasks, notes, widgets, missed call, auto complete and many more. 

Do anything you want with this great Android app.
It will even suggest words as you type.

Pixlr Express

This is an amazing app and it's free! Photo editing has never been so easy! Pixlr Express has more than 600 special effects, overlays and borders to choose from.

Its main features include, for instance, touch up, focal blur, color splash,  contrast, blurring, sharpening, cropping, rotating, autofixing, special effects and many more. The app is very simple, intuitive and, indeed, performs miracles. 

You don't need Photoshop any more! :)
Pixlr Express for Android. Variety of features.

You can download this app in the Google Play here.

Kindle for Android

This Amazon app allows you to read thousands of books on your Android device, including hundreds of free Kindle books. In my opinion, this is one of the best readers ever.

The best thing about this reader is that you don't need to have  a Kindle to use this app. You can choose from more than a million books available in the Kindle Store. 

Kindle for Android!
Kindle for Android. Homescreen.

What Are Your Best Android Apps?

Did you like these best Android apps? Do you think that something should be added to this list? What are your experiences with those apps? Which apps do you consider the best Android apps?

Please leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your unique Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site.

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