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Android Wear Tips And Tricks: Resources For Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Do you have an Android Wear smartwatch? Do you want to make the most of your smartwatch? Discover the best Android wear tips and tricks

Android Wear smartwatches are a quite new and specific type of mobile devices that bring new features and functionalities into our lives.

Not everyone needs to have an Android Wear smartwatch on their hand, but those who do are usually a bit more advanced users who want to discover new functions and make the most of their devices. 

If you are vising this web page you probably already have an Android smartwatch or you are thinking about buying one. Am I right? 

You probably know that there are lots of cool things to do with Android Wear. In this section you are going to find lots of interesting resources for Android Wear devices. You will learn what Android Wear watches are and how they can help you improve your life.

You will also discover the most useful Android Wear apps and find lots of to-the-point tutorials showing specific tricks or functionalities. Turn your Android Wear watch on and let's begin. 

Website Update Information

This Android website (click to learn more)  is now being updated and rebuilt so that you like it even more and it's even more helpful to you. This is a long process and I have really a lot of work to do (I need to rewrite and update more than 200 articles).

Some of the articles in the Android Wear section may not be updated and rebuilt yet. That's why I want you to be patient and come back here often to check what's new on the website's blog

Thanks for your patience. I am doing it for you! 

Android Wear Tips And Tricks

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How-To Guides

Even though Android Wear watches are becoming more and more popular, there still aren't many valuable resources for their users.

I am receiving hundreds of comments, messages and e-mails about Android Wear almost every day. People are asking about all sorts of things starting from apps and ending with adding advanced features to their smartwatches.

That's why I've created a separate section about Android Wear with articles only for Android Wear users.

Below you can see the list of the specific how-to Android Wear guides each explaining a different feature or aspect of smartwatches. 

How To Install Apps On Android Wear

How much would your watch be worth without some cool apps installed on it? Not much! It's apps which, after all, make our Android devices roll.

That's why one of the first things you need to learn when you buy a new watch is how to install apps on Android Wear.

Once you know how to install new apps to your Android Wear watch, the sky is the limit when it comes to adding new features and functionalities to your watch.

Do you want to be able to write text messages from your watch? How about using it as a screen of your phone camera? No problem!

All you need to do this is install a few new apps to your watch and this is what this tutorial teaches you. 

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: Install New Apps On Android Wear

How To Uninstall Apps From Android Wear

Even though installing new apps to your Android Wear watch is rather easy, uninstalling them certainly is not!

My tutorial of how to uninstall apps from Android Wear quickly became one of the most often visited and the most popular articles here on InLoveWithAndroid.com.

That's because uninstalling apps from Android Wear smart watches is a bit problematic, especially for less advances users.

Don't worry, though. In this article I will show you how you can quickly and easily get rid of any unwanted apps from your watch with the use of two easy-to-use app managers.

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Uninstall Apps From Android Wear

How To Sync Apps On Android Wear

This is probably one of the most useful Android Wear tips and tricks everyone should know.

Even if you keep both your Android phone and your watch paired over Bluetooth all the time, they may sometimes fail to sync data between each other.

As a result, your watch may display outdated information or even fail to open the app you have opened on your phone. The solution here is very simple!

You need to know how to sync apps on Android Wear, which is the topic of this tutorial. 

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Sync Apps On Android Wear

How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear

You probably know that the best way to show your friend what's on the screen of your device is to take a screenshot and send it directly to him or her.

In the case of smartwatches it's a little bit more complex, but not impossible.

In this short and simple tutorial, I will show you how to take a screenshot on your Android Wear watch.

Want to share your favorite watch face with your friend? No problem. Just take a look at this tutorial!

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear

How To Update Android Wear

Always keeping your Android device up to date is one of the most important tips if you are serious about the security of your device and data stored on it. 

It's the same story with Android Wear smartwatches and apps installed on them.

In this tutorial I will show you how to update Android Wear, including setting automatic update notification and manually checking for software updates for your watch. 

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Update Android Wear

How To Enable Developer Options In Android Wear

If you are a bit more advanced user, you might want to add and discover some extra features of your watch.

Note that developer options are intended mainly for development purposes, so if you are a beginner user, you shouldn't "mess" with development options too much.

This is a short and to-the-point tutorial where I'll show you how to enable developer options in Android Wear, what they are and what you may want to use them for.

Still hungry for more Android Wear tips? Keep reading!

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Enable Developer Options

How To Pair An Android Wear Watch With An Android Tablet

I guess every Android Wear watch connects their smartwatch to their Android phone.  

But how many of them have successfully connected their smartwatch to their Android tablet? 

From what I have read from your comments and messages not many of you managed to do that with success.

That's why I have created a tutorial of how to pair an Android Wear watch with an Android tablet.

I will show you step by step how make your Android tablet work with your watch. Take your watch and your tablet to get started!

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Pair An Android Wear Watch With An Android Tablet

How To Change Watch Faces On Android Wear

The watch face you set on your watch is probably the most important app you have on it. 

It's the watch face, after all, which you look at every time you check time or wake your watch up.

That's why in this article I want to show you how to change watch faces on Android Wear so that you never get bored with your watch.

In this short and to-the-point tutorial I will show you how you can easily change watch faces either from your watch or (remotely) with the use of your paired phone.  Check this out!

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Change Watch Faces On Android Wear

Android Wear Apps: App Lists

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's apps which make our Android devices roll (whether it's a phone, a tablet or smartwatch).

Unfortunately, there aren't too many great apps for Android Wear out there (at least not yet). 

In this section of the best Android Wear tips and tricks, I am sharing with you the list of different Android Wear apps. 

Want Me To Review Your Android Wear App?

Android Wear developers write to me almost every day asking if I could review or recommend their Android Wear app.

I am happy to do so if the app is really of good quality and my visitors can benefit from it. I am open to your suggestions! You can learn more on the Advertise web page

Android Wear Tips

The List Of The Best Android Wear Apps

It took me a few moments to compile this list, but I have finally finished it. In the list of the best Android Wear apps you will find my favorite apps and learn how to install new apps to your watch and what Android Wear app store I recommend.

Are you ready to add new extra features to your watch? Check this list out!

If you know some really cool Android Wear app which you think I should add to this list, please let me know about it. You can either leave me a comment in the comment box below or contact me directly

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: The Best Android Wear Apps

The List Of The Best Android Wear Watch Faces

Watch faces are for me the most important and the most interesting element of my watch.

I really like looking for and finding new cool watch faces. I did small research and really found a lot of interesting stuff.

In my list of the best watch faces for Android Wear, not only will I show you the faces I use on my watch, but you will also get to know great apps for finding even more cool faces.

You will indeed have tons of fun!

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: Android Wear Watch Faces

Android Wear Watches

I currently own four watches, two of them being Android Wear watches (Sony Smartwatch 3 and Samsung Gear S).

I really love playing with them and discovering their new features or simply adjusting them to my needs.

In this section you will discover the tutorials with tips for specific Android Wear watches.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Battery Life

There are really lots of users of Sony Smartwatch 3 and a lot of questions about its battery life.

This was my first Android Wear watch and it's still my "main" smartwatch next to Garmin Forerunner 235 (which I use the most often as I am a runner).

In this short article, I share with you my insights about the battery life of Sony Smartwatch 3. You will also learn a few tips on how to improve it!

How To Pair Gear S With Any Phone

Even though Samsung Gear S is a great smartwatch you can use it (and all of its functionalities) only with other Samsung phones. 

That's bad news for users of non-Samsung phones who want to use Gear S as their Android Wear watch.

Fortunately, I found a small work-around which will let you pair Gear S with any phone. Check this out (especially if you don't have a Samsung phone).

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Pair Gear 3 With Any Phone

How To Charge Samsung Gear S

If you have never had Samsung Gear S, you may be a little surprised to find that it comes together with a small docking station..

You can use this docking station as a power bank to extend the battery life of your watch but you also need it to charge your watch.

In my article about how to charge Samsung Gear S, you will learn how to charge your Gear S (with the use of this docking station).

Android Wear Tips And Tricks: How To Charge Samsung Gear S

Extra Articles About Android Wear

I am doing my best to create the most interesting articles which will let you look at technology from a bit different angle and really make the most of it.

Besides from the regular how-to articles, I also create articles and tutorials with some everyday technology tips and tricks. 

I am a runner and love to use running gadgets so here are a few articles about that:

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