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6 Best Android TV Apps!

You probably heard about brand-new platform called Android TV. In case you don’t know what Android TV is, read this article about Android TV

Well, Android TV is supposed to make your TV experience new, better, and much more personalized. It’s possible only thanks to a special group of Android TV apps. Their number is not so great (yet), but there are already some good titles I want to recommend.

Let’s start and discover a few best Android TV apps!

Android TV Remote Control

This is one of the most essential apps for Android TV. As the name suggests, it lets you use your Android phone or tablet as a remote control for your Android TV.  What are its main features?

  • Possibility of switching between two modes – d pad and touch
  • Possibility of easily navigating through content and playing games on your Android TV
  • All you have to do is tap the mic button to do a voice search
  • You can also use the keyboard to input text on your compatible Android TV

All you need to do to get started is to connect your Android device to the same network as your Android TV, and you can start using Android TV Remote Control.

Download Android TV Remote Control from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: Android TV Remote Control

musiXmatch TV

This a very popular Android lyrics app (with more than +25 million users) which is now finally available on your Android TV.

In short, this is the largest catalogue of synced lyrics which lets you enjoy music videos together with lyrics.  You can browse music by popularity, genre, or title. Music videos are automatically queued so you won’t miss any video you want to see.

Download musiXmatch TV from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: musiXmatch TV


This is yet another best app for Android TV. You probably know TED and you must be happy that this app is also available for your Android TV.

In case you don’t know what TED is, it’s an enormous collection of talks of the most fascinating people in the world in all possible fields and walks of life: doctors, lawyers, tech geniuses, education radicals, music legends, business gurus, and many more. Thanks to this app you can make the most of TED talks on your Android TV.

Download TED TV from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: TED TV

TuneIn Radio

You probably know TuneIn Radio app, don’t you? Now this app is also available for Android TV.

In short, TuneIn Radio is the largest collection of radio stations in the world and it’s free. It lets you stream over one hundred thousand radio stations (sports, music, news, and talk radios as well as live events). With this app, you will be able to listen to absolutely all kinds of music, so whatever your music taste is, you are going to love it.  

Download TuneIn Radio from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: TuneIn Radio

Plex For Android

This is without doubt a must-have Android TV app. You probably know it, but if you don’t, you are going to love it.

This app lets you organize all your music, videos, and photos and stream them to all of your screens. Plex is available in the free and paid version. Some of its free features include:

  • Unlimited streaming of photos and videos from the camera roll on your Android device to the Plex app on Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast and more.
  • Remote control
  •  Unlimited casting of any media on your Plex Media Server to other Plex apps.

The premium version gives you a bit more flexibility and more features like automatic conversion, easy sharing of your media with friends and family, and more.

Download Plex For Android from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: Plex For Android

Haystack TV News

Well, this is one of the best news apps and a great app for Android TV.

To cut a long story short, Haystack TV gives you access to the most trending and popular video news in a headline news channel which has been personalized especially for you.

The longer you use the app, the smarter it gets about your interests, likes and dislikes. What sort of video news can you expect to get with this app?

  • Local, national and international news (from CNN, Fox, the BBC and so on)
  • News sports from the MLB, NFL and NBA
  • Celebrity news
  • Business and financial news
  • Tech news
  • News about video games

Download Haystack TV News from Google Play.

Android TV Apps: Haystack TV News

Do You Know Any Other Great Android TV Apps?

This is the list of my favorite Android TV apps I couldn’t live without. But how about you? What app do you like using on your Android TV most?

Have you recently discovered some great app? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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