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Here you will discover the best Android games for your device, i.e. tower defense games. 

Are you a fan of Android games? Do you like discovering new games for your Android device? Do you know that tower defense games are the most addictive Android games?

I didn't like these games at first, but when I started playing one of them, I became obsessed with them. I currently play 3 games of this type.

That's why in this section I will show you the best tower defense games for Android. 

Android Tower Defense Games

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

This is definitely one of the most advanced Android tower defense games with an extremely extensive scenario. The most surprising thing is that this game is usually classified as a tower defense game (and, at the same time, a strategy game) but you are in fact the attacking side here. 

The game is a winner of many awards and a must-play for anyone who likes tower defense games and wants something great for a change.

Main features:

  • Extensive scenario
  • Heavyweight (150 mb)
  • Game designed with attention of every detail
  • You are the attacker here
  • Great graphics
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD.  Just after start.
This is one of the best Android tower defense games.

Babel Rising 3D

This is an absolutely amazing 3D tower defense game for Android. In this game, you play God (seriously) and your task is to stop the Babylonians from building the well-known Bebel tower.

Use your wide range of divine powers (earthquakes, lightings, meteors, floods or many other)  and master the four elements to prevent this from happening.

Main features:

  • Absolutely stunning graphics (one of the best 3D graphics for mobile devices)
  • Many multi-touch gestures 
  • Missions and survival mode
  • This is a paid game
  • Heavyweight (almost 50 MB)


Babel Rising. Which mode will you choose?
Am I right?

Jelly Defense

If you want something different (but you still want it to be a tower defense game), try Jelly Defense.  Your task is to join Jelly forces and defend them against incoming jelly invaders. This game is so much fun. You play in a unique and extremely beautiful cartoon world. I love its graphics, sounds and music (so atmospheric). 

Main features:

  • Great graphics
  • Atmospheric music
  • Most funny sounds
  • A one-of-the-kind tower defense game
  • This is a paid game
Android Tower Defense Games: Even the menu in the game is... different.
Jelly Defense. Gameplay.

Robo Defense

Another great and popular tower defense game for Android. This is a rather simple game in comparison to, for example, Age of Defenders described below.  Your task is to prevent robots from reaching the other side of the screen (they go from left to right).

You can put towers anywhere you want and remember that there are different towers for different kinds of robots!

Main features:

  • Simple but addictive
  • Lightweight
  • 5 maps and different difficulty levels


Robo Defense. Selecting difficulty level.

Age of Defenders

This is the tower defense game designed especially for tablets (but it runs on my HTC One X flawlessly).  The game is highly advanced (probably one of the most advanced Android tower defense games available in the Google Play).

You can say that it's been designed with attention to every detail. What's most surprising is that this is an online multiplayer game. Before you play with other online gamers, you can master the basics in the practice mode (shown in the screenshots below).

Main features:

  • Multuplayer game (to play you need to create an account at first)
  • Practice mode if you want to play "alone"
  • Amazing graphics
  • Unique music 
  • Chat during gameplay
  • This is a paid app
  • Support for Android devices with at least 1GHZ CPU and 1GB RAM


Android Tower Defense Games: Age of Defenders. The most advanced Android tower defense game.
Age of Defenders. Gameplay.

Tower Defense

This is the first tower defense game I played and I really loved it. You are on a hostile planet and your task is to  command special towers to defend against , literally, endless waves of enemies. The game is quite simple but highly addictive.

When I was taking screenshots and recording short movies for this site, I spent at least an hour playing that game. That's horrible. :)

Main features:

  • Extensive scenario and very funny and intuitive menu (with most incredible sounds)
  • 40 campaign maps
  • 7 challenge maps
  • 9 different kinds of towers
  • 10 different enemies
  • Different world themes
  • The game is free (but some additional content costs real money) and free of ads

Below you can see some screenshots from the game and a  short video of me (or my hand to be precise) paying Tower Defense.

Loading my favorite game...

Nexus Defense

A nice mobile tower defense game for your Android device. Even though it's a HD game, its graphics are not so amazing (comparing to, for example, Babel Rising). The game is quite difficult (in the video below you can see that I am not winning :D) even in the easy mode. Some say this is the most difficult tower defense game they have ever played.  Try and see for yourself.

Main features:

  • High resolution graphics
  • 6 different towers 
  • Difficult
  • This is a paid game


Android Tower Defense Games: Nexus Defence. The most difficult Android tower defense game.
Nexus Defense. Gameplay.

Radiant Defense

If you are a fan of tower defense games, you will love this one. This is a game completely different than any other games of this genre. It's set somewhere in the radiant universe invaded by hordes of aliens. You are here to get rid of these aliens. 

Main features of the game:

  • Incredible graphics
  • Original style
  • Many different kinds of weapons
  • Nice in-game dialogs and sounds


Android Tower Defense Games - Radiant Defense
Android Tower Defense Games - Radiant Defense. Gameplay.

What Are Your Favorite Tower Defense Games for Android?

Do you like these Android tower defense games? Have you ever played any of them? Do you think some other tower defense game should be added to this list?

Let me know what you think by either submitting a comment in the comment box below or submit your personal Android Story.

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