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Here you will discover some of the best strategy games for Android!

Are you a born strategist? Do you love Android games? What's your favorite strategy game for Android?  Do you like strategy games? 

If your answer is YES, this is the place just for you. I was always interested in strategy games and played many of them on my PC back in the 90s.

I'm so happy that now I can play many of them on my Android device. And you know what? I'm here to show you the best of the best. 

Are you ready to try your hand at some of the best Android strategy games? Great!

The Best Android Strategy Games

Colonies vs Empire

Would you like to try yourself in the 18th century colonial America? You can do that in Colonies vs Empire, one of the best strategy games for Android in recent times.

In Colonies vs Empire you will be fighting for the freedom on the colonies, you will create a new nation (from scratch) and grant people power.  However, if you are more war-like type you might as well wage war for George III to create order all around the world? 

It's all in your hand and you're to decide.

Main features:

  • Nice graphics
  • Multiplayer real-time strategy
  • Free but there are lots of app-in purchases.


Colonies vs Empire
Colonies vs Empire

7x7 Best Color Strategy Game

Are you a fan of strategy games for Android but you are a little tired with all those complex multi-player online games availalbe in Google Play? I have a great proposition for you!

7x7 is a very simple and addictive stretegy and puzzple game for Android. Your task is to make horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows of the same color. You just have to drag pieces across the board.


7x7 Best Color Strategy Game
7x7 Best Color Strategy Game

Lords and Knights

This is a relatively new strategy game for Android but it really rocks. In Lords and Knights, your task is to build your castle and a number of different buildings around it. Of course, that's not all you have to do.

You will also be recruiting the army, taking over other castles, ally with other players, develop news strategies to grow stronger and more powerful and many more. 

Main features:

  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Highly addictive!
  • Free!

Download this strategy game from Google Play.

Strategy Games for Android - Lords and Knights

Plants vs Zombies

This is the first strategy game I played on Android. I chose it because it was at the top of most rankings. I wasn't disappointed at all. This is a great and funny game which is a bit similar to tower defense games. Your task is to defend your home from incoming waves of zombies.

To do that, you have an arsenal of 49 special plants to kill an many as 26 different types of zombies. Don't let zombies reach your door or you will lose!

Main features:

  • a very unique type of strategy  and, at the same time, tower defense game
  • 50 levels to complete
  • 26 types of zombies
  • 49 types of plants to combat zombies
  • funny graphics and sounds
  • cheap price

Below you can see some screen shots from the game and a short movie.


Android Strategy Games: Plants vs Zombies
Android Strategy Games: Plants vs Zombies. Gameplay.

This is me playing this great Android strategy game! :)


Did you use to play Worm on your PC several years ago? I did! And it was so much fun. I recently discovered that this original, fun and explosive strategy game is now optimized for Android. Playing it on Android is real fun!

Main features:

  • playing it on a touch screen of a mobile device is more fun than playing it on a PC
  • funny cartoon graphics and sounds
  • multiple skill levels
  • different game modes
  • most funny dialogues during the game

Here are some screenshots from the game.


Android Strategy Games: Worms.
Android Strategy Games: Worms.

Jelly Defense

This is both a strategy and tower defense game. And this is a winner in both categories, in my opinion. Your task is join the Jelly forces and lead them to the victory in the fight against relentless waves of enemies.

To win, you need to use your tactical skills, wisdom and intelligence but once you win you will indeed become the Jelly savior. You are the last and only hope. Don't waste another minute and dive into this amazing game.

Main features:

  • brilliant cartoon (jelly) world 
  • most funny sounds and music
  • highly addictive (I'm not kidding)
  • certainly worth its price


Android Strategy Games: Jelly Defense. One of the best strategy and tower defense games for Android.
Android Strategy Games: Jelly Defense. Gameplay.

This is me playing one of the top strategy games for Android!

Triple Town

This strategy game for Android is here thanks to one of our visitors who mentioned it. I somehow missed this game before but I happy to be able to add it now. 

Triple Town is another must have for both fans for strategy and puzzle games. In this game, your task is to build the greatest city possible. The biggest your city, the bigger number of points you get. To build your city you need to match three or more game-pieces (e.g. combine three pieces of grass to get a bush). 

Main features:

  • nice graphics and in-game characters
  • this game really requires thinking
  • editor's choice on Google Play


Triple Town, another great strategy game for Android.
Triple Town, another great strategy game for Android.


This is also one of the best Android strategy games. The game is set in the Middle Ages and your task is to turn your small village into a great medieval city with a thriving economy and happy residents.

You can achieve that by mining, farming, logging, producing jewelry, clothes, tools, building parks, churches, marketplaces and so forth. And you do it all for your Townies to make them happy. Are you ready for a "full-time" strategy game?

Main features:

  • soothing background music
  • very nice and accessible tutorial
  • complex simulation of economy
  • tons of different buildings
  • many different scenarios and tasks
  • changing seasons
  • in the premium version there are no ads


Android Strategy Games: Townsmen. Do you want to build your own city?
Android Strategy Games: Townsmen. Gameplay.

This is a short video of my playing this great strategy game for Android! :)

Farm Frenzy

Do you want to try a slightly different Android strategy game? If you do, you should certainly play Farm Frenzy. You don't have to build a city from scratch or fight against waves of enemies. All you have to do is build your own fully working farm!

Your tasks will include looking after chickens, cows, sheep, collecting eggs, producing cheese, butter, wool and many other things. Are you ready to become a full-time farmer?

Main features:

  • the game is available in two versions (the free one with ads and the premium one without any ads)
  • unique and one-of-the-kind strategy game for Android
  • many different animals to look after
  • 72 levels to complete
  • tons of farm products
  • great graphics and funny sounds


Android Strategy Games: Farm Frenzy. A great alternative strategy game for Android.
Android Strategy Games: Farm Frenzy. Gameplay.

Bloons TD 4

Another great strategy and tower defense game for your Android device. This time you have to join the forces of monkeys and fight against the enemy coming from the land, air and sea. Be careful because the game is highly addictive.

Main features:

  • great and funny graphics
  • 15 different tracks
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • special bonuses to unlock


Android Strategy Games: Bloons TD. Now available for Android!
Android Strategy Games: Bloons TD. Gameplay.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD

I've already talked about this game in the Android Tower Defense Games section but this one should also be mentioned here.

This is a very advanced tower defense (or rather offense as you are the attacking side here) and strategy game for Android.  You lead the attack  here and destroy your enemy's towers and turrets.

Main features:

  • very extensive and complex scenario
  • the game is quite heavyweight (about 150 MB so it's better to download it via WiFi)
  • great graphics and atmospheric sound
  • worth its price
  • highly addictive


Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD. Gameplay.


Absorb or be absorbed.  If you want to play a strategy game completely different than others, Osmos will be an ideal choice for you. In this game you are a small organism. You can move by firing pieces of yourself (literally) in different directions. Each shot makes you a bit smaller.

You grow and become stronger by absorbing other organisms.  You must be aware of larger predators which will kill you!

Main features:

  • unique physics-based game
  • great graphics
  • hypnotic soundtrack
  • two game modes: odyssey and arcade 
  • the game is difficult and very addictive

Here are some screenshots from the game:


Osmos. Gameplay.
Android Strategy Games: Osmos. Game over!

This is me playing this wonderful strategy game for Android! :)

Did You Like These Android Strategy Games?

Do you like these games? What are the best strategy games for Android according to you? Have you played any of them? What are your thoughts?

Please let me know by either leaving a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site.

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