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Here you will discover some of the best shooting Android games.


If you are a fan of Android games, you simply cannot miss their greatest representatives, that is, shooting games.

Some years ago we could play shooting games only on a PC or Mac. Now we can choose from thousands of shooting games for Android available on either Android Market or Amazon.

In this article, I will show you 5 must-have shooting games for your Android device. 

Sniper Shooter

This is undoubtedly one of the best Android shooting games. Not only is it simple and lightweight but also extremely addictive.

Your task is to, of course, kill the bad guys by completing various missions and to finally become the master hitman. All you have to do is tilt your device to aim and tap to shoot. Will you become the master hitman?


Frontline Commando

If you are looking for advanced 3D Android shooting game, Frontline Commando will be the best choice for you. You are the only survivor of a renegade attack and you are abandoned on the frontline.

You have to shoot to survive. You will be amazed by the graphics and intuitive console quality visuals and precise controls. 

Aces of the Luftwaffe

This is another great title among shooting Android games. This time you have a chance to show your shooting skills during the war in Europe fighting waves of Axis planes and panzers. Are you ready for the fight to the mainland?


Dead Trigger

This is certainly one of the best shooting games for Android. It takes place in the world which... has collapsed. It's 2012 and our civilization has practically destroyed itself.

There is quite a mess over there! People suddenly started dying of a strange virus or turned into horrible zombie-like beasts-killers.  The few who managed to survive have to stop them.  Wanna join the few ones and smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies?

Block Ops

This is yet another winner among Android shooting games. Block Ops is a relatively new military 1st-person shooter game for Android. This is also a kind of a parody of  today's gaming created in the world made of blocks.

You are a member of the "Block Ops" unit which will find itself in a number of different situations (e.g. deserts or arctic tundras). Are you ready to lead "Block Ops" to victory?

Modern Combat 3

Modern Combat game series  certainly deserves to be called the best shooting Android game of all time. This is also the most realistic FPS with absolutely stunning graphics.

This time you take part in an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the US through 13 missions located in various places (from Pakistan to L.A.). What's more, you can also experience types of gameplay, such as, chase, 4x4, helicopter, escort and so on. 

Heavy Gunner

If you are into shooting Android games, you will certainly love this one. Heavy Gunner is a 3D mechanic FPS for Android devices.

Thanks to its dual stick control, you can shoot at your enemies from both sides and kill them even more effectively. Stunning graphics and a great number of missions as well as upgradable weapons will keep you entertained for hours.

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