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Android Reboot Problem: What To Do When Your Phone Restarts By Itself

Does your Android phone restart by itself? Wondering why your Android phone keeps restarting? Check the list of possible reasons & quick fixes. 

Are you wondering what to do if your Android phone restarts by itself? Does your Android phone keep restarting? It is rebooting much more often that it should?

In 2017 Android has become the most popular operating system in the world (and it currently powers even more devices than Windows). 

It's become so popular because the creators of Android (meaning Google) have done a great job improving and growing their OS. It's stable, reliable and becomes more and more intelligent with every new update. 

However, there are still many people who use older Android phones (with older versions of Android) which often become unstable, unresponsive and like to misbehave.

The most common problem users of older Android devices experience is their phone restarting by itself. What can you do? What are the fixes? Let's find out! 

Android Reboot: Fixes

Your Phone Restarts By Itself. Who Is This Tutorial For?

This tutorial was originally written in 2013 when Android phones were far less reliable and many of them liked to keep rebooting. This isn't a very common problem any more (except maybe for users of older Android phones) but I have updated and rewritten the article for you. 

It's not always obvious and easy to find out why your phone keeps rebooting. However, after tons of your comments (and questions) I did thorough research and have a couple of possible reasons & quick fixes of the Android reboot problem.

Let's get started. 

Before you begin, make sure you check your Android version and check for updates  on your Android phone

Android Reboot Problem: Symptoms 

After analyzing several cases, I see that the Android reboot problem falls into the three following categories:

  • SITUATION- SPECIFIC REBOOT. Your Android phone restarts in specific situations, e.g. when you want to access certain features, change something in settings or use a certain app or game.
  • HEAVY-USAGE REBOOT. Your device restarts when you are actively using the phone (playing HD games or using many heavy apps at the same time). 
  • OUT-OF-THE-BLUE REBOOT. Your device restarts by itself for no clear reason (even if you aren't using it heavily). 

Android Reboot: Two Types Of Reboot

Many people worry when their Android phones reboot or restart by themselves but this is not always a reason to worry.

There are actually two types of reboot and only one of them can indicate that there is something wrong with the phone (either its software or hardware).  

When an Android phone randomly restarts we can usually distinguish two types of reboot: 

  • COMPLETE/HARD REBOOT. The phone restarts completely (all apps are restarted as well), which takes up to a few minutes (especially with older phones which are a few years old). With this kind of reboot/restart, you usually hear the welcome ringtone and see your manufacturer's logo (this, of course, depends on the phone model and its manufacturer). It's as if you've just turned your phone off and on.
  • SOFT REBOOT. There is also a softer  type of reboot when only Android OS restarts. It usually takes a few seconds and you see the white screen for a few moments and then everything comes back to normal. This is not a complete reboot and this is usually caused by some misbehaving app or temporary overheating of your device. 

There is no need to worry in the case of a soft reboot (unless it happens very often). Some newer phones even let you set the date and time interval for performing a soft reboot so that your phone's performance is optimal (learn more about it in the section below). 

Hard reboot, however, may mean that there is something wrong with your phone (either a more serious software problem or hardware problem). 

The Auto Restart Feature: Auto Rebooting

In my Samsung Galaxy S7 (running Android "N") there is even the feature called AUTO RESTART. It's simply a kind of a soft reboot which you allow to happen in order to better optimize your device. I recommend you use that feature if you have it on your phone.

Here is how it looks on my Android phone. 

Android Reboot: Auto RestartThis is the Auto Restart feature which lets my Android phone restart by itself at certain times.

Android Phone Restarts By Itself: Diagnostic Questions

Below you will see a few diagnostic questions. By answering them you will probably be able to tell if your phone need servicing or if you can fix the problem yourself. 

Android Reboot

How Often Does Your Android Phone Restarts By Itself/Reboots? 

If it happens once in a few weeks (or even in a week), there is no reason to worry. If it happens several times during a day or in specific situations, there is probably something more going on.

Does Your Android Phone Perform A Complete/Hard Reboot?

Android Reboot

Full reboots may indicate some hardware issues, i.e. CPU overheating. It may also mean that you should update both your phone and apps on it (if you haven't done it yet). 

That's why, first off you should check if there are updates available for your phone and if there are, install them. To check updates for your phone go to Settings > About > Software Updates (this may differ from phone to phone).

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Does Your Android Phone Overheat?

Android Reboot

Sometimes your phone will restart by itself because its CPU is overheating and rebooting can help it cool down a little and not get destroyed. Your phone may overheat because your are using it too heavily or using to many apps/games at the same time. 

Older phones (especially HTC phones) may overheat because their CPUs cannot handle so many simultaneous processes.  In this case you can either use fewer and lighter apps/games or use some cooling app to detect and try to solve the heating problem.

Useful Stuff Worth Checking Out:

Android Reboot

How Long Does It Take Your Android Phone To Get Back To Normal Operation After Rebooting?

If it's just a few seconds and your phone does not restart very often, there is no reason to worry much.

If it's a full reboot which takes a few minutes, something wrong is going on and your device is probably overloaded.

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Have You Installed Any New Apps Recently?

Android Reboot

Especially, have you recently installed any apps from unknown sources? If you have, it's possible that some of this apps are malicious or infected.

If this is the case, such apps will slow down your phone and can seriously harm it and any data you store on

I recommend uninstalling any suspicious apps and using only well-known and popular alternative app stores. 

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Did Your Phone Start To Restart By Itself After Applying Some Changes?

That's a crucial question. Did you try to change some settings in your phone? Did you install new and unknown apps? Did you try to root your Android phone?

If you did and your phone was working OK before, you may want to try to revert that action whether it was installing some app or changing some settings. 

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Is Your Phone Up-To-Date?

Android Reboot

Unfortunately older Android phones will not get the update to the newest Android version. Upcoming Android "O" and the Treble Project will probably bring quicker updates for Android phones in the future.

For now, however, there isn't much you can do except for checking if there are updates for your phone (and installing them if there) and keeping all the apps on your phone up-to-date. 

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How Many Apps Are Running In The Background?

Android Reboot

Your phone may become overloaded (or overheat) and restart/reboot by itself if there are too many apps/background processes running.

Newer Android phones (especially those running Android "N") are way better at optimizing the processes and they usually have better CPUs and more RAM.

In the case of older phones, I recommend uninstalling unneeded apps and using some optimization app.

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Android Phone Reboot Problem: Possible Fixes

As you can see the reasons why your Android phone keeps restarting may differ a lot. Sometimes the reason may be really trivial while other times it may even turn out you need to buy a new phone.

Here is the list of the most common fixes of the Android reboot problem I have come up with. 

Android Reboot

Android Reboot Fix: Uninstall Malicious Apps

If you suspect that your device reboots because of some malicious app, you should uninstall that app (and any other suspicious apps, too). To quickly uninstall many apps, you can use Easy Uninstaller (link to app). 

Android Reboot Fix: Use Task Killer/Phone Booster

Android Reboot

If you have an older Android phone,  this may be THE solution for you. Android devices sometimes reboot when RAM is full or CPU overheats. If you have an older device, using a few apps simultaneously may be too much for your phone.

To optimize the apps and background processes on your phone, you may use one of app managers: Clean Master or Advanced Task Manager

Learn how to install Amazon apps on Android here

Android Reboot

Android Reboot Fix: Update Your Phone

I have talked about it a bit in the first part of this article. If there are updates for your phone, make sure to install them. 

Except for updating Android OS, make sure you also update all the apps that are available on your phone.

You can learn more on how to update apps on Android here

Android Reboot

Android Reboot Fix: Restore Factory Settings

Sometimes we're unable to detect which app or which setting causes our device to misbehave and reboot.  

If none of the above solutions works, you may want to check the ultimate solution: restore factory settings..  To restore factory settings go to Settings > General Management > Reset (this will of course differ depending on the phone model and its manufacturer). 

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Android Reboot

Android Reboot Fix: Restart Your Phone Manually

Funny and ridiculous as it may seem, manual restart/reboot actually helped in one case. The phone was overloaded with apps and processes (it hasn't been turned off for weeks). When I manually restarted it, the problem disappeared.

how to reboot your Android phone here

If none of the above solutions works, you should have your phone serviced (which you can do for free if it's still under warranty). This is most likely a hardware problem which you won't be able to fix on your own. 

Did You Solve The Android Reboot Problem? 

I hope that this tutorial helped you and you correctly diagnosed your phone and fixed the reboot problem. If you like this tutorial, please share it with your friends and leave me a comment in the comment box below.

I would love to hear from you! 

Android Reboot
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