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Most Common Android Problems & Solutions

In this section, we solve the most often Android problems and share some with insider tips with you.

Even though Android is so great and so much fun, you may experience problems with it at one point or another. If you aren't an advanced programmer with an Android developer device, you might not be able to solve these problems on your own. 

Throughout my few years' experience with Android, I probably encountered all  sorts of problems caused by tons of different things.

Some of them were so trivial that I couldn't stop laughing when I discovered the solution. Others were more serious and it took me a few days or even weeks of research before I realized what was happening.

That's why in this section, we will discuss the most common Android problems and the simplest and the most effective solutions. 

Bigger Android Problems I've Successfully Solved So Far

Some problems with Android apps or Android devices require much more thinking, working and testing out. That's why whenever a BIG one appears, I solve it and compile it into an exhaustive article.

Generally the advice here is that you should have the latest Android version for phones on your device.

Here's the list of BIG problems we've successfully solved so far:

Smaller Problems You Will Solve in 1 Minute

Below is a list of less serious (but very popular) problems many people experience. If you think that anything should be added to this list, please let me know.

The battery runs flat too fast

Problem: This is one of the most often Android problems. Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that our Android device will never run for as long as old simple mobile phones used to some years ago.   This is the price we have to pay for having the smartest devices in the world.

However, we can always do something to extend the battery life here and there and, overall, the above price won't be so high! :)

Go TaskManager EX.
Android Assistant

Solution: To put it simply, you have to get rid of anything that's eating up your battery unnecessarily. In most cases, this will be WiFi (enabled and not used), GPS, a number of unnecessary apps running in the background, screen brightness set to maximum or ads from free apps and games for Android. You should also use some battery app to manage apps or/and some Android app killer.

If your battery is running flat and you cannot charge your phone, you should turn Power Saver. In my HTC, you can activate it by dragging the top part of the screen down and then checking Power Saver (see the screenshots below). 

Android Problems: Activating power saver in HTC.
Android Problems: Power saver ON.

Check Android battery tips for more details about how to optimize your phone's battery life.

A small popup menu doesn't appear after holding the power button

Problem: This is also one of the most often encountered Android problems. When you hold the power button for a few seconds, a small Phone options menu (like the one on the screenshot) will  or, at least, should appear.

This menu allows you to power off your phone, turn off or on airplane mode or restart your phone. However, in my previous phone (HTC Desire S) at some point this function simply stopped working and the phone wouldn't react to holding the power button.

Android Problems: A small pop-up menu with phone options.

Solution: This Android problem is a real pain in the neck. Unfortunately, restarting the phone or turning it off and on didn't help. The only thing that worked was restoring factory settings.

To do that, do go Settings > Backup & reset > Reset Phone. Before you do that, remember to backup your settings with either a third party app or use the default function also available under Backup & reset > Backup & restore.

If you want to discover some apps for making backup, don't miss  Android backup apps section.

Backlight turns on and off on its own

Problem: I encountered this problem on HTC One X, HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire S. I suppose this doesn't concern HTC phones only. This is not the most serious problem in the world but it can be a bit annoying when your phone, out of the blue, turns the screen on in the middle of the night just to turn it off in a few seconds. I guess it can also significantly reduce the battery life.

Solution: In one phone this Android problem disappeared on its own  as suddenly as it appeared.  In HTC Desire S it was enough to restart the phone (hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap  Restart).

However, in my HTC One X  the problem didn't disappear until  I restored factory settings. To do that,  go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset Phone. Remember about backup.

Android Problems: Let's reset our Android device.
Android Problems: Ready to reset your phone?

The phone doesn't respond at all

Problem: It may happen that your Android phone or Android tablet will not respond at all. This is what once happened to my HTC One X. I ended a call, the phone froze so I waited, waited, waited. The screen turned off and the phone behaved as if it was turned off (but I know it wasn't). In such a situation, we usually remove the battery. But what can we do if there is no battery to remove like in my HTC? :)

Solution: When the phone is unresponsive, it's usually a good idea to restart it. You can do that by holding the power button for a few seconds and then tapping Restart phone. This solves the problem in most cases.

Android Problems

You can also remove the battery (if you have one), which always helps. In the case of my HTC, the only thing that worked was to hold the Power button for 10 seconds. After that the phone automatically restarted and everything went back to normal.

Android corrects my words without even asking

Android Troubleshooting

Problem: Have you ever happened to send a totally stupid SMS to someone just because your Android device knew better what you wanted to type?

In most cases, this doesn't happen very often but once it does you may want to get rid of the auto-correct feature.

Solution: You may want to turn off auto correction. Not all Android devices are equipped with that feature by default (my HTC was just suggesting words, not auto-correcting them, but when I installed SwiftKey keyboard the function was enabled).

To turn it off, go to Settings > Language & input >Android Keyboard > Auto correction and select "off."

Want trouble-free typing?

Don't waste your time trying new untested keyboards or tormenting yourself with the stock one.  I've thoroughly checked most of them.

If you want to type fast (you can turn off the auto correct function) and stop making typos, you should certainly buy yourself SwifKey Keyboard. The price is really low 3,99$ for such a brilliant app. 

I use a third party launcher but it occasionally switches back to the default one (e.g. HTC Sense)

apps for Android

Problem: You decided to use a third party launcher (e.g. Nova Launcher or GO Launcher) but every time you switch between apps or, worse, restart your phone it switches back to the default launcher and you lose all your settings, widgets etc.

This is very annoying but you can easily get rid of that problem.

Solution:  All you have to do is set your third party launcher as a default launcher and the problem will disappear.  Just tape the Home button two times (quickly) and the phone will ask Complete the action using so choose your launcher and press Always.

Someone's bothering me. How do I block them?

Problem: We gave our number to the wrong person who's now bothering us. There has been some fuss and you are receiving calls from a person from the other side of the globe. You are receiving tons of SMS ads, which is driving you crazy. Whatever your problem is, if you have an Android device, you can easily get rid of it.

Solution: Thanks to Android being the most popular mobile platform in the world, you have a great number of apps to choose from, including apps for blocking calls and SMS.

I recommend using SPC, a very simple but powerful app with advanced options, such as, blocking calls, SMS, blacklists, white lists and many more. If you want to discover more call blockers, check free call blocker for Android.

SPC in action. Easy, intuitive and very effective.

Some problems with your phone could be avoided if you'd purchase the right case. Here is a guide about how to buy the best case for your phone. 

The screen orientation changes too often

Problem: Some people simply cannot stand it when the screen orientation of their Android phone changes whenever they lie down or make a quick hand movement when typing. This, in fact, can be a bit irritating, but you can easily deal  with it.

Solution: All you have to do is turn off the auto rotate option. To do that, go to Settings > Display, gestures & buttons and uncheck Auto rotate screen.  Done! The screen will never rotate without your permission!

Let's turn Auto rotate off
Just uncheck Auto rotate screen and it's done!

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