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Hello! Here you will discover a few great animal (pig) games for your Android device.

Are you addicted to Android games like I am? If you are, you probably noticed that there are tons of funny animal games in Google Play.

One of the funniest animal games are, of course, pig games for Android! Have you ever played any of them?

If you haven't, you should play them now! Check these five great Android pig games I found  and laugh out loud!

Alien Pig

If you are a fan of action, running  or shooting games, Alien Pig is a great three-in-one with most awesome graphics with a hilarious and crazy story behind. What's the story? It's year 2500 (well after the Zombie apocalypse).

There aren't any zombies left because there is nothing to eat for them on the planet. And now...the planet is full of insane robots which only want to do two things: search and destroy.

Apart from robots there is also lots of gold and Alien Pig knows about it and wants to collect it all (with the help of her jetpack and weapons). Are you ready to lead the pig to victory?


Alien Pig -  a great pig game for Android!
Alien Pig -  a great pig game for Android!

Space Pigs

That's another great pig game for Android which is a little bit similar to Alien Pig described above. This time, however, you are not on the side of pigs but  you have to protect a cow and help her escape from vicious... pigs.

You can play either in Classic or Advanced mode (in which you have to collect items which will help you achieve a better score). If you want to have even more fun, you can challenge a friend to beat you.


Space Pigs -  a great pig game for Android!
Space Pigs -  a great pig game for Android!

Pig Runner

If you are into funny Android games, you will love Pig Runner which is, above all, hilarious. You are a funny Pig Runner (look at the screenshot below) and your task is to escape from enemies (mostly bees and ants) and collect coins.

All you have to do is tap the screen to jump. The story behind the game is also  space-like: pigs fell out of the space and are back. They are very angry and want to collect coins. The game is very simple but highly addictive.


Pig Runner -  a great pig game for Android!
Pig Runner -  a great pig game for Android!

Pig Rush

Wanna play another funny and hilarious Android pig game? I suggest you play Pig Rush, a game great for both kinds and their parents. The story behind the game is similar to the ones above: you are to help Jumpy the Pig run away... from the farm.

On your way you will encounter many different obstacles, such as, fire, ravines, platforms and many more. Be careful because the game is very addictive!


Pig Rush -  a great pig game for Android!

Touch The Pig

If you want some really simple pig game for Android, Touch The Pig will be the best for you. This is an extremely simple (but addictive) game in which, yes, pigs can fly (or jump so high).

The game is a bit similar to Jazz Jackrabbit (if you know the game) but instead you play as a pig, not a rabbit. Are you ready to help the little pig kill all the giant turkeys? I bet you are.


Touch The Pig -  a great pig game for Android!

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