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Android Phone Tips!

Here you will find some most useful tips for your Android phone.

Would you like to optimally use your Android phone and, at the same time, make most of it? Do you want to enjoy your Droid for as long as possible and avoid the most common Android problems? 

If your answer is YES, I have great news for you. In response to your numerous questions and comments, I created a unique list of Android phone tips which will make you and your Android phone happier than ever.

Turn your device on and let's start!

Tip No. 1

Battery. Take care of it.

Android Phone Tips

Android phones have in most cases big batteries but still very few of them can boast of long battery life. We have chargers, of course. But it's still a good idea to take care of battery of your device.  How do you do it?

  • make use one of free battery apps to optimize battery usage
  • use some app killer to kill unwanted processes
  • always deactivate features you aren't using at the moment (WiFi, GPS or Mobile Data)
  • adjust screen brightness (if it's set to maximum, it will consume much of your battery)

Tip No. 2

Android version. Remember to update your phone.

You may sometimes experience some problems with your Android phone because you have an outdated version of Android. To eliminate that problem, you should regularly check if there are updates for your phone and install them. In this short video below, you can see how to look for updates for your phone:

Tip No. 3

Memory. Don't Overload It.

Android Phone Tips

There is nothing worse than overloading your Android phone with tons of apps and games you never use. If you have any apps you don't use, get rid of them because they unnecessarily overload your phone (especially free apps with ads) and its memory.

You can get rid of unwanted apps and games basically in two ways. You can either use Easy Uninstaller (a great free app) or use stock software to uninstall apps. In the videos below you can see how to uninstall apps in these two ways.

This is how you uninstall apps using Easy Uninstaller:

This is how you can uninstall apps without any third party apps:

So do you take care of your phone's memory?

Tip No. 4

Monitor your device.

This is a bit like with your puppy or your child. You have to look after it and if you see any problems, solve them.

Fortunately, in the case of Android phones,  we can use one of many great apps designed especially for monitoring  Droids. I strongly recommend using Android Assistant which will monitor your device (behind the scenes) and, for example, suggest when you should move a certain app to SD storage.

In this short video you can see Android Assistant:

Was it useful?

Tip No. 5

Don't use apps from outside of Google Play or Amazon AppStore for Android.

This is one of the most important Android phone tips. If you want to make sure that your phone is safe and sound, don't look for apps in sources other than the two above.

In the Google Play alone, there are hundreds of millions of apps so you don't really need to risk harming your phone by some malicious and unknown app. On this site, you will find reviews of tons of apps from these two sources.

Tip No. 6

Don't let it overheat.

Some of the most important players in the arena of Android phones tend to  heat up easily. This is very often the case with my HTC One X. When I play some more advanced game, the phone sometimes becomes real hot (and I mean REAL.)

If the phone's battery temperature is over 40 degrees and its CPU usage over 90%, we should definitely give it a "break." To effectively monitor your phone's temperature, you can use Go Power Master which will notify you when there is some problem.

In the screenshots below you can see GO Power Master.

Android Phone Tips. GO Power Master.
Android Phone Tips. Battery level and temperature.

Tip No. 7

The outside is also important. Use protective cases.

Most of Android phones we use now are too big to fit into our pocket. That's why we very often carry them in bags. If we don't want to damage our Droid or scratch the screen, we should definitely use some protective case or, at least, some screen protector. Soon, we're  going to present a review of the best protective cases for your phone.

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