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How Do I Backup Contacts On Android?

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to backup contacts on Android in two extremely easy and quick ways. You will never miss a single contact again. 

The number of really important contacts that we store on our Android device is becoming bigger and bigger as we get to know more and more people.

No one wants to find out one day that all or part of these contacts are missing. Unfortunately, you can easily lose them if you, for example, lose your device and you don't have the backup of your contacts. 

Fortunately, you have this tutorial which will tell you exactly how to backup contacts on Android and never lose a single number. 

There are two ways in which you can backup contacts in Android phone:  using a backup app or using your Google account. Let's start! 

Use Android App To Backup Contacts

There are tons of different Android backup apps and it's really easy to get lost without knowing which one to choose. 

I have been using mainly one backup app (for contacts, text messages and other stuff) for the last three or four years and I strongly recommend it to you.

The below screenshots show you app Super Backup & Restore

How To Backup Contacts On Android Using Super Backup & Restore

Once you have downloaded and installed Super Backup & Restore, open the app and:

1. As you can see, the app lets you backup different types of content (apps, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendars and so on). To backup contacts, click on Contacts.

android how to backup contacts using Super Backup & RestoreSuper Backup & Restore app lets you easily backup contacts on Android.

2. There are several options available: backup, backup contacts with phone numbers, restore, view backups, send to cloud, delete backups and delete all backups.

Click on BACKUP and enter the name for the backup file like shown in the screenshot below. 

Android backup app contacts: Super Backup & RestoreAndroid contacts backup will start once you click on BACKUP.

3. You will now see your contacts backing up. Click OK when the process is done. 

How to backup contacts on AndroidYou have just created Android contacts backup and can now send it to cloud.

4. After the successful Android contacts backup you will see two new options: to send the backup and to upload it to Google Drive.

I strongly recommend that you upload your Android contacts backup to cloud so that you don't lose your contacts if you ever lose your phone. Uploading your backup to Google Drive is the most convenient way. 

How to backup contacts to Google Drive using Super Backup & Restore

The quickest and the easiest way is to backup contacts to Google Drive. Each time you run the backup, it will automatically be sent to Google Drive. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open the app and click on Google Drive. This will only work if you have your Google account added to your device (I hope you have set it up). The app will display what permissions it needs. Click ALLOW.
Backup contacts with Google DriveThis way your contacts will be backed up in Google Drive.

From now on, every backup you do with this app will automatically be sent to Google Drive (a special folder will be created on your Google Drive).

You can view your backups either from the web after logging into your Google Drive and here from this app. 

How To Backup My Contacts To Google

Does Android backup contacts automatically? You may be surprised to learn that for some time Android devices (running Android 4.0 and higher) have been offering automatic backup and restore of contents of the Google account associated with a given device. 

What it means in practice is that if you back up contacts in Google, they will automatically be restored once you change your phone and log in with your Google account. 

Here is what you need to do to make sure it works:

1. Go to Settings > Backup and reset. This may differ depending on the phone model and Android version you are using. Under Google account you will see Back up my data

How to backup contacts via Google

2. Make sure that Back up my data is turned ON as on the screenshot below. 

Backup contacts Google account

3. Under Backup account you should see the Google account to which you want to back up your data. It's the most convenient to simply use the Google account associated with your phone. 

If this setting is enabled (and your phone is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi or using mobile data), all your Google account data will be automatically backed up and restored when you, for example, change a phone. 

Whenever you add a new contact to your device, make sure that you save it on your Google account, not on the storage of your phone or, worse, on SIM card. 

backup contacts Google accountThis is how you backup contacts to Google account.

Google Contacts Backup Restore

If you have changed your phone and want to speed up the process of restoring your Google account data, you can restore your Google contacts manually. 

To do that, go to Settings > Google and then click on Restore contacts

Google contacts backup restore

You can restore contacts from either the Google account associated with your device or from any other device (once you log in). 

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