Android Games for 2 Year Olds

Do you want to entertain your 2 year old a bit? Do you want him or her to play and learn at the same time? No problem!

There are millions of different apps and games available in Google Play. This number may be a bit overwhelming for a regular parent who will find it difficult to sift through all of these titles and choose the best ones for their kid.

Don’t worry, though. That is why there are blogs like MobileGuru.LOL which show you only the best stuff. In today’s article I will show you several good Android games for 2 year olds.

All you need is an Android phone with Google Play installed and your 2 year old ready to play and have some fun. Let’s begin!

5 Best Android Games for 2 Year Olds

I have tested tens of different Android games for kids and I have chosen five best for you.

Below each game title you will find a short description, main features, direct download link and a few screenshots taken from my own device.  Enjoy!

Animals Puzzle for Kids

This is one of the first Android games for 2 year olds I have been testing and I think it’s also one of the best as well.

 As the name suggests, it is a puzzle game in which your child will develop skills such as matching, tactile and fine motor skills.

Main features:

  • 84 different puzzles with animals, such as, mouse, fish, bee, rabbit, frog, horse and many more
  • Two difficulty levels (easy and hard)
  • Child-friendly interface
  • 27 languages available
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Pleasant background music
  • Animations


Baby Musical Instruments

This one of the best Android games which combine education with fun. With this app, your kid will learn and discover musical instruments, such as, piano, drums, and xylophone. All your kid has to do is click on the screen and the musical instruments will play.

This way your child will learn to recognize these instruments and will probably know which one he or she likes best.

Main features:

  • Beautiful cartoon graphics
  • Funny performances by cute animals
  • A wide variety of sounds
  • Highly engaging
  • Pleasant background music


Talking Puppy

This is one of the sweetest and funniest Android games for a 2 year old. This sweet puppy will repeat everything your kid says with a funny voice.

What’s more, your kid can interact with it in many different ways.  It will be a nice replacement of a real puppy!

Main features:

  • Nice graphics
  • Many different actions available (sleep, eating, patting, playing with the dog and much more)
  • Funny sounds
  • Cute animations
  • Many different other talking animals available (tiger, chick, calf and many more)


Ant Smasher

Want your kid to train his or her reflexes? You won’t find a better game for it. As the name suggests, your task is to smash as many ants as possible and not let any of them escape. You must also beware of bees.

Even though some parents may not love this game, I think it is also one of the best games for 2 year olds (and for adults as well).  Let’s dive deeper into it.

Main features:

  • Different types of ant to smash
  • Dangerous bees that you must avoid
  • Funny sounds
  • Nice graphics
  • Different game modes (classic, fun, kids, baby)


English for Kids

This is another great game for kids that ideally  combines education with fun (lots of it). This time your  2 year old will have a chance to learn English and have a lot of fun in the process (you will have fun too).

All your kid has to do is click on a letter or object to get to know its name and hear its pronunciation.

Main features:

  • Many different types of activities (alphabet, number, fruit, flower, animal and color).
  • Access to video learning materials (topics such as alphabet, number, animal, color and many others).
  • Look and choose and listen and guess activities for more advanced kids
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Pleasant sounds


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