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Android Gallery Problems And Solutions

In this article we will solve the most common gallery problems in our Android devices. 

Even though Android is famous for its reliability and stability, sometimes we may still encounter some problems with it. 

These include, for example, Android gallery problems which became kind of famous on many Android forums.  In response to your numerous questions, I researched the problem quite deeply and found a few reliable solutions which I'm about to show you.

Turn on your device and get ready to discover the solutions to the most common Android problem. You will never have to worry about what happened to your pictures or movies!

Android Gallery Problems. Symptoms.

Android Gallery Problems

Problems with gallery app usually appear out of the blue at the least expected moment. The most often symptoms include:

  • phone or tablet mixes pictures of different dates 
  • some pictures (usually the most recent ones) disappear from gallery
  • some pictures appear in the form of a cracked-film type of file and cannot be opened
  • you take a picture, it is saved but when you want view it the phone says the file is corrupt
  • some pictures (e.g. every second one) are missing 
  • all or some of movies are missing
  • your device freezes upon opening or viewing gallery

Possible Solutions to Android Gallery Issues

There are at least a few things which you can do to get rid of these problems. I tried them on different Android phones. In most cases, the problem disappeared after applying 1 or/and 2 second method. However, in one case nothing worked until I tried the last two methods. Good luck!

  • Unmount the SD card and mount it back.
  • Restart the phone (this solves the problem in most cases).
  • Switch the phone off and turn it on again. To do this, hold the Power button for a few second and the menu like the one below will appear.
Mini pop-up menu which appears after holding Power button for a few seconds
  • Switch the phone off, remove the battery and the SD card, wait for a few seconds then put it all back.
  • Try a different SD card (sometimes the problem may be with the SD card, not your phone).
  • Remove the SD card and insert it into another device to check if you can access the files on it
  • Check if there are system updates available for your Android phone and if there are any, install them. Go to Settings > About > Software updates and click Check now. See the screenshot below. 
How to check is there are updates for your Android phone
Unfortunately there are no updates for my phone
  • Clear Gallery cache by going to Settings > Apps >All > Gallery and Clear cache. This method worked when nearly nothing else helped. Take a look at screenshots below.
Let's crear gallery cache...
Just tap on gallery
And now tap Clear cache... done!
  • Backup all the data and reset the phone (this always helps but you risk losing data). Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone. See the screenshot below.
  • Use some alternative app for viewing pictures and photos. There are at least a few great alternatives. I've selected the best ones for you. Scroll the page up and on the right you will see the preview of "Great Alternative Gallery Apps." Just click on the app of your choice.

Did You Solve Your Android Gallery Issue?

Did you manage to solve problems with Android gallery? Did you use a different method? A more reliable one?

This site would be useless without your feedback so please let me know what you think. You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or  submit your own Android story. 

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