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The pre-installed Android email client and Gmail app are great, but are there any other reliable alternatives? Yes! Discover your best Android email app!

Every Android device comes with some pre-installed email app. This is usually Google Gmail app and some email app for other accounts which you can access by clicking "Mail," "E-mail" or "Mailbox" depending on the manufacturer of your Android device.

The beauty of Android is that you don't have to stick to these default apps. There are many other great Android email apps you can use if you like. On this page, you will discover a few best (in my opinion) alternatives.

A word of advice

I use the pre-installed Gmail email app for my Gmail accounts (as this is in my opinion the best Android email app en earth!) and use an alternative one for other non-Gmail accounts.

K-9 Mail

In most reviews and rankings, K-9 Mail is at the top. This is not without a reason. What makes it so great?

This is an open-source 100% free app. Its main features include search, IMAP push e-mail, flagging, multi-folder sync, filling, signature, bbc-self, PGP, mail on SD, use of gestures and many more.

The app looks very simple but it fact is highly customizable. You can edit fonts, colors, combine different e-mail boxes. 

The only problem many users encounter is that K-9 Mail doesn't support most free Hotmail accounts.


This is also a very nice app. I tested the free version but there is also a Pro version with additional features.

Its main features include the possibility of saving/downloading attachments to SD, bulk tools, support of many mail providers (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol, Gmail, GMX, FastMail and others), status bar notifications, spell check, password protection, sleep mode and so forth. In the free version, there are ads on the bottom of the screen.

This is in my opinion one of the best Android email apps. I like it for its "looks" and reliability.

Android Email Apps: Mail Droid

You can download this Android app here.

Enhanced Email

Enhanced Email is not a free app but it's certainly worth its price. The app has many most useful features and is quite lightweight for the system. What's more it's pleasing to the eye.

It's main features include custom font, backup/restore accounts (together with settings), full e-mail search, sorting emails in a variety of ways, auto BBC,  copy/select text.

Even though the app has many different features, it seems simple and you certainly won't feel overwhelmed by the number of options it offers.

Android Email Apps: Enhanced mail
Composing e-mail in Enhanced Email

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is quite a new app. I tested the free version. The app is nice to use and no ads are displayed in it.

Its main features include automatic and very easy setup for popular e-mail services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and many others), push e-mail, ability to save attachments on memory card, widgets. What's more, the app is simply pleasing to the eye.

Android Email Apps: Aqua Mail

All of these four Android email apps are a great alternative to the default  email app. Which one you choose is simply a matter of taste. None of these apps created any problems in tests.

 If you want to discover even more great apps for Android, visit Top Android Apps and Free Apps for Android section. 

What E-mail Apps Do You Use? What's Your Best Android E-mail Client?

Do you like these email apps? Do you know better ones?  Which of these apps do you like most and why? Should I add something to this list?

This site would be useless without your feedback so feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below.

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